Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

And it's always exactly four people, too.

Happy birthday to chilayse. Gotta love when it falls on a Friday, eh?

Today's Bridge: It wasn't our best day, but Dan and I did our best. Mostly. Dan missed my cues and didn't lead me clubs in the final 4H hand that we were trying to set, I eventually ruffed a club that I knew Dan could cover just because I wanted to ruff clubs, which probably cost us a trick. That actually hurts. But we did make the only game, a 5D that happened to make 6 because Paul kept underleading his king of hearts... the finesse loses if he lets me run it. Getting set three tricks in a 4S Dbl earlier didn't hurt us quite so much after that.

Today's Work: I've been trying to stretch out my tasking so I don't run out completely, but now I've been asked to go ahead and get it all finished up so we can send it out to be tested next week before we get there. Good idea, now that people have time to do it, but I need to coordinate with the guys here to make sure it's all in the repository. Then it's just making travel plans and whatever documentation work there is to do next week. I might find myself taking time off just because there's nothing at all to do, except for one thing a day that keeps me going in every day. Ugh.

I'm dividing my time between Portal and Toonstruck this week. I guess skipping test chamber 12 was a mistake if I'm going for the camera achievement, but I'll go back to it later and do it properly. But now, more Kannagi or it'll be too late. Also, the only manga I have left to read is Sexy Voice and Robo. Guess I'll be taking the plunge sooner than I expected... unless I want to read a Shonen Jump, and those are too handy for trips.

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