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I'm in the mood to watch more Kannagi tonight. Wonder why.

Happy birthday to i_am_slrearth. You're the only "i" in my list, believe it or not.

Today's Bridge: It was a day for people not to do very well, I think. Mistakes all around, although I think most if not all of mine can be rationalized. I bid a hand or two with almost no power, but distribution that worked and a nice trump fit, and the opponents bid over me anyway. And got set, I think, although that was probably one of the hands where Mike gave up the winning trick. He wasn't playing well today, but neither was Paul, so it was up to which one of their mistakes cost the most. In the final hand, for example, the board had Q-10-x-x-x of trump over my K-J-x, so when Mike led a low one from that hand and Paul showed out, he should have played the ace, setting up a tenace over my jack and losing only one heart trick. Instead, he gave me the jack, guaranteeing that I'd also get the king. Then Paul underled his king of spades to give Mike the extra trick he needed to make up for it, with A-x showing on the board. That's just one example of the sort of day it was. As Ken likes to point out, these things are easy to see with someone pointing them out to you, or taking enough time to look at them yourself, but in the heat of the moment, they're easier to overlook. I know that feeling well.

Today's Work: I got my testing done, while the contractors were doing their work in the lab. I pointed out something that I hope turns out to help them.

I skipped most of Hell's Kitchen because I was guesting in a video, then we left the call up to talk about some of our favorite anime series. Fun times, I say. But you don't have to wonder about what we said, because tediousandbrief asked me about that very subject in another round of the five-question meme!

1. What's your favorite anime?
It's a tough decision, because there are many series that I like for different reasons, and many of them feel different when I watch them again later. The series I really loved the first time don't live up to the memories, while the ones I didn't like as much are better than I remembered. I'd still probably go with Brigadoon as my favorite series, because it captured my emotion better than most series do. I think it has the perfect balance of uplifting scenes to downright depressing ones, and aside from an absolutely wretched first episode, manages to keep me engaged until the very end. I know part of that is comparing it to the manga version, but it may be the only series that had me waiting for each new DVD so I could see what happened next. Cardcaptor Sakura was very close, but fell apart at the end, which I think is a bit less forgivable than falling apart at the beginning and rallying.

2. What's your least favorite anime (or genre)?
Wow... this one's tougher because there are so many series I hate, and I'm not entirely sure what would qualify as a "genre" in some cases. If yaoi is a genre, then that's the obvious choice. I admit that I don't make a habit of watching yaoi series, but the few I've seen, I didn't care for much. I've read a few "shonen ai" manga, I guess... I don't always reject a series out of hand just because it focuses on a relationship between two male characters, but it's got to have a story that really interests me. But that's probably too obvious even if it's an acceptable answer. I really don't like mecha series. There are a few that have been pretty good, but when I think of series I liked, most of them don't have mecha in them. I haven't really enjoyed a Gundam series, and even the ones like Stellvia and Nadesico that I enjoyed sort of fade from my memory, especially since I focus on the parts when they're not flying their mecha. (Was it even mecha in Stellvia, or were they flying space planes? I can't even remember that much.) Some of them have good mecha action, but I can't think of a better example than Evangelion, and that's not really technically a manga series. I even ignored most of the mecha parts in Fullmetal Panic, and that was the plot.

As for a specific series, I hated the Real Bout High School manga, but I never watched the anime. Series like Naruto and One Piece, the big popular ones, felt like they overstayed their welcome, but again, I'm mostly reading the manga and not watching the anime. I didn't entirely mind Dragonball Z when I was watching one episode a day, and the manga was better paced. Even the manga versions of Naruto and One Piece feel like they're really dragging. And Bleach... but I stopped watching all three series long ago.

3. Assuming you've seen Neon Genesis, which ending do you like better?
I have, but only the original series and the movies. I haven't gotten around to watching the Platinum ending yet, or the new retread version, so those are out. I've also been reading the various manga continuities, but I think the original is the only one that would count, and I don't think the ending to that one even exists in Japanese yet. So it's between the original ending and End of Evangelion, and I preferred the original, strangely enough. They were both general mishmashes of images that didn't mean much to me, but End of Evangelion did it under the guise of providing further plot that I just couldn't bring myself to care about. The original ending seemed to be something more like Shinji learning to deal with his depression in a stream of consciousness, and that meant something. I just don't like being forced to think about things and try to puzzle out what I just watched. That's why I didn't like Serial Experiments Lain, which I suppose would have been a good answer to question 2, but I could appreciate what it was trying to do.

4. How did you get into anime?
Ah, a question of fact. This is an easy one. I met a girl at the college chess club, and she brought me to an anime club meeting to meet her fiancé. Things got much more complicated after that, but going to those meetings became a regular activity, and from the first episode of Tenchi Muyo, I was going there at least as much for the anime as for her. I rarely stayed to watch the late-night movies, though. I've never been as much a fan of anime movies as the series. I find it much easier to devote half an hour at a time to watching anime.

5. What else should I probably know about you that I don't?
Tough question... it seems like your knowledge of me is mostly based on anime, but I'm a fan of video games as well. I do Let's Plays, which I seem to be a bit behind in posting to my Let's Play LJ. I love solving puzzles, especially anything math-related, although I skipped the Number Theory course in college that would have been a huge help in that area. I'm sure there's other stuff, but I don't really know how much of it you would want to know.

bettybaker also tapped me to write some one-minute prompts, so let's try that.

Here are the rules: 1. Write as much as you can on each prompt in precisely one minute; set a timer. Stop in the middle of whatever sentence you're typing. 2. Add your own prompt to the end of the list. 3. Tag five people. 4. Credit the source of the meme. I like this timer:

1. What happens inside a hallway full of spikes?

The key is to use your most wide-range attacks. I recommend the Rage of the Titans space-clearing attack to take out lots of enemies at once, and throwing them at each other is effective too. Use Kratos' full range of moves to your advantage and you can get through that part of the game easily. That's all I can think of.

2. Why is the fairy bleeding?

I presume she got stabbed. There's probably an evil fairy who wants to take over the fairy kingdom, and this fairy must have been instrumental to that. I keep typoing and having to go back and fix it. That's probably the doing of the now-dead fairy. Typo fairy, I stab at thee! And now I know.

3. Who is the man in the hollow tree?

I met that guy once. He didn't have anywhere else to live. But I don't think it would be comfortable living in a tree. Not enough walls. No protection from the weather or other people. I bet someone like that would be pretty generous, though. You have to be, if your life has been that unpleasant. You can't hurt other people. I bet whoever he is, he's pretty nice.

4. When will the sun rise in the north?

Ah, this is that east/west pole thing from the Apprentice Adept trilogy, isn't it? I read that ages ago, and it was ironic that the nonexistence of east and west poles was instrumental to Stile's victory in the science world, but then the fantasy world turned out to have them. I guess if the Earth rotated 90 degrees, that would happen.

5. Where do baby crocodiles go to learn how to fly?

Baby crocodile flight school, I'd imagine. They need artificial wings, or a plane with controls that a baby crocodile can manage, neither of which I'm prepared to try to create myself. The experts in baby crocodile flight must work tirelessly to bring this miracle about, and then they probably just crash and burn anyway.

6. Why did the colors of the rainbow change?

This would have to be an alteration in the properties of light and refraction, but I'd blame my own eyesight first and ask if anyone else has seen the same thing. Colors are subjective anyway, if you think about it. I try not to. Red is red, and so on. I only know the colors as I've perceived them. As for the rainbow, who cares? I don't look.

Credit goes to bettybaker for starting this meme.

I expect that's why I don't get tagged very often.

Tagged people, if they bother to read this... krikketgirl, charmless, temaranight, samhatesyou, and jenthehen.
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