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Ooh, it's late. I discovered that Eleusis was in the Hoyle's Rules of Games book that I bought, and I just had to read about it. Fascinating stuff, but I doubt that anyone would be willing to learn it and play it with me. And it takes quite a few people, and quite a few decks of cards.

Anyway, more Guu downloading and much more manga as I spent most of the day in Terre Haute. I would have left earlier, but we decided to have dinner, then decided to have Chinese, then decided to have the buffet, and I can't let myself undereat from the buffet. This usually means I overeat a bit and feel the need to rest a while before heading home. So I watched him play Mega Man 7, on the Gamecube version of the Mega Man Anniversary game, for a while. Looks good, but the controls sound like a major pain. B is jump and A is shoot? What the hell is the deal with that? B has ALWAYS been shoot and A has ALWAYS been jump except for crazy games like... I can't remember, but I know there was one. Dennis the Menace on SNES and Super Metroid come to mind at first, and I know in the early SNES days, I used to configure games to A and B, although as time went on, I became so used to the Y shoot and B jump standard that I always use that now. But switching Jump and Shoot... just isn't done. I played the PS2 version a bit at the store, and if anything, that's what I'm going to get. Looks like fun, too, and it'll give me a chance to play some of the early Mega Man games again. I never did beat 3, but I've still got my old save. Wonder if I could make it now...

Today's Manga: Bought them all at Waldenbooks... Suncoast had Psychic Academy 1, but I wasn't going to waste my time buying it there. I did get it, and book 3, as well as Ai Yori Aoshi 4, Real Bout 6 (freaking thick book... they're pulling no stops with the end of this one), Wedding Peach 6 (also the end of that series), Maison Ikkoku 5 (I've been waiting a long time for this one, and Noah at work will be happy to see it too), Pita-Ten 4, Steel Angel Kurumi 5 (not the last one, although the description at the end sounds like it would be), Fullmetal Panic 5 (the last one, I believe), GTO 19, Those Who Hunt Elves 4, X 14, Tokyo Babylon 2, Hanaukyo Maid Team 2 (at last... now where's Gunslinger Girl 2?), Kare Kano 10, Mahoromatic 2, Pet Shop of Horrors 7, and Slayers: City of Lost Souls. 18 books in all. Not a bad haul. Glad I went this weekend instead of waiting until next weekend, so we probably won't even have to hit the mall then. We still might, just to check it out. There will probably be a few new books out then. But I think it'd make more sense to simply wait until I drive him back the weekend after and buy stuff then.

We watched the first DVD of Nuku Nuku TV together... incredible stuff. Hilarious and diverse, with colorful characters who make me wish I hadn't already used Nuku Nuku in QEFEFZ, because I'd love to find a role for each of them. Maybe I could do a QEFEFZ version of Nuku Nuku TV. There are also plenty of references to Nuku Nuku Dash, and the translators decided that the evil overlord is "Hell Mishima", whereas I'm certain it's supposed to be "Herr Mishima". It could well be a pun... the Japanese love those. We also watched the first episode of Super GALS! I liked it, but it wasn't his type of series. Fair enough... I had no idea, which is why I checked it out in the first place. Looks nifty, though. Real-life style dramas and events from the perspective of Japan's number one kogal. We watched the second DVD of DNA2 as well... I brought that because he enjoyed it last time I brought it. I brought the second DVD of Haibane Renmei as well, but it turns out that he bought the whole series (on two DVDs, no less) since then and had already seen it all. He's got Read or Die TV as well, and he's going to bring that next week. Should be fun. Mom recommended me Girl Got Game, and Curt liked Your and My Secret, but I don't think I need any more new series just now. Psychic Academy (which looks pretty good in as much of the first book as I've read so far) and Chrono Crusade are enough for me... and that doesn't count the new ones I've gotten recently because I liked their anime versions.

I've replaced my usual random non sequitur with Folger's Instant Crystals. Let's see if anyone notices the difference.

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