Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

When not having an accident is the most exciting part of your day, something's wrong.

No Bridge today, possibly because my meeting ran just a bit after 11. We couldn't find enough players at that point, possibly because they'd given up waiting and left. I spent most of the day finishing up that stupid list, and I should be actually fixing the few problems tomorrow.

Something happened on the way home, although it seems to have happened behind me. Several emergency vehicles passed me going the other way, from at least two different points of origin. Someone almost rearended me (again) because they didn't think it was worth stopping for the oncoming ambulance, and when they finally decided that ramming my car might not be the best idea, their brakes screeched and I didn't think they'd stop in time. So I pulled forward a bit, and no harm done. Except that another idiot is still on the road, without an at-fault accident on their record to remind them that stupidity is a bad idea. But I'd rather not get my read bumper replaced again.

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