Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I still think Cous Cousland would be a great name

Today's Bridge: Today was one of those days when it might have been better not to play. I think Mike and I did the best we could, but even Dan agreed that his side had most of the good hands. And Dan loves to be smug about his wins. I don't think a single finesse worked for us the entire day.

Today's Work: I got a start on the twelve-page list of reasons the static analyzer is stupid. In two pages, I found two legitimate problems, and a few others that are potential risks if we're missing a config file. I can fix most of those with a very small change. Most of them are "int varname; varname = value;" type things. Duh!

Hell's Kitchen cuts into my video-watching, but that's okay because it's a great show. I still need to do Toonstruck commentary afterward, if I have time, but I won't get the video finalized and uploaded until tomorrow at the earliest. However, my Mask of Eternity and Alone in the Dark 3 LPs are now both up on the LP archive. They're now open to all audiences, whether you have a Something Awful account or not. I recommend watching the LPs of the previous games in each series first, for context.

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