Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Catching up from two days isn't bad.

Today's Work: The meeting lasted pretty much all day, thanks to a few surprise topics coming up that took a lot longer to discuss than anyone expected. Meanwhile, the big news about the shakeup for my division/department came down - a meeting tomorrow morning from 8-10. That's it. I guess it makes more sense than what I was expecting.

I figured out how to use the Line In jack on the desktop, which isn't quite as silly as it sounds - the device only pops up in the list when I plug in the cord, and the first time I did that, my sound drivers pretty much froze up and took most of the rest of the system with them. It gave me more problems when I started it up again, but I think it's working now. That'll let me dispense with VirtualDub when I'm streaming, since I can just grab the sound and video right from the inputs now. I may give that a test later, with the Flash Media Encoder just to see if that works out.

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