Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I don't think I even bothered to take a lunch break today. Fascinating.

Happy birthday to napoleonherself, who's still around online even if she's not around HERE anymore. *sniff*

It was as smooth a day of work as I could have hoped for, except that I still have no idea what's causing our problem, if it indeed has a single cause. I've determined that the problem is exactly what I thought - the program not keeping up with its input. But I can't narrow down why. So it's back to the lab tomorrow for more data gathering as I break things down millisecond by millisecond until I figure out what's taking so much time. I'll get this problem solved yet. At least my testing cycle is pretty short now - it crashes in more like 40 seconds than 40 minutes now. I think it's the multitude of debug prints.

Almost caught up on videos from yesterday. I might fit in some gaming or an episode of Strawberry Panic tonight.

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