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So I'm not dead after all...

Guess I won't get that guest appearance in Yuu Yuu Hakusho, eh? The car made the trip, and even better, a coworker offered me a ride tomorrow, so all I have to do is drive to Pep Boys and the rest is taken care of.

Today's Spades: We didn't lose by much, thanks to my cunning nil on the last hand, but I singlehandedly blew a 10 earlier that set us back too much to recover from. Rule of thumb: If you have AQJ of spades and you know your opponent has only one spade, LEAD THE FREAKING ACE! I'm such a bonehead. But lessons are best learned through mistakes, not positive examples. Geez, I'm learning a lot about Spades.

More work on the ADCPs, and I think I've found what causes my problem. It's not what I expected: It seems to only crop up when I flip the input on and off repeatedly. I found something that I think might have been causing the problem, as well as another problem that I'd noticed earlier and was working on when the A/C first broke down, and it was a simple fix. Tomorrow, I'll get to see if it really fixes everything. If so, I'm a doofus. But not as much of a doofus as I'd be if I hadn't been able to fix it. I eventually work things like this out. It's just a matter of time, ingenuity, and the project lead browbeating me until my determination to prove him wrong leads me to the right answer. But he's a great guy. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have this job, so I owe him a lot.

Now, let's see about showing you a bit of the Akane/Ryoga match...

Akane raised her arms defensively in the face of the new maneuver, but it would do her little good - Ryoga could attack from any direction at any time, negating any attempt to block or dodge. But the real Ryoga had to be in there somewhere, and if she could somehow find him and hit him, the technique would be broken. The trick was to catch him by surprise, obviously. She suddenly turned without warning and punched into the tornado randomly, bracing herself for an impact, but as before, she hit nothing. Her momentum threw her off balance, and she toppled forward, but a pair of hands grabbed her shoulders and righted her. By the time she'd recovered from the surprise, it was too late to attack the spot where Ryoga had been.
She felt a tap on her shoulder and angrily whirled around, sweeping her leg through half of the tornado in a roundhouse kick. Her thighs immediately flared in pain as they stretched beyond their weakened capacity, but once again, she failed to connect. As her foot hit the ground, Ryoga flicked her ear with a finger, then poked her underarm. Akane growled as she slowly turned in a circle, hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the attacks coming in time to counterattack. But every poke, prod, and flick came from behind no matter which way she was facing.
"Do you give up yet?" asked Ryoga. "I can keep this up all day."

I've written more than that in the past few days, of course, but I don't want to post any more of it for fear of spoiling the outcome of the fight. Let's just say that it's much more satisfying than the original, and Ranma's scene will make more sense too, although it will still be a classic misunderstanding. I'm really getting into it now, so I should be making progress pretty steadily for a while. Enough to work on it this Sunday for the hour challenge? Well... let's not presume anything. There's still GTP, and I also have the odd inclination to work on Credit a bit... Or maybe a new chapter of The Portal, even? That could be fun. I still have a few days to decide, and plenty to do in the meantime.

Line up in front of the sewing machine. We sew nicotine patches too!
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