Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I still need to write more about Avatar, apparently. But not tonight.

Mom read me an article this morning that said the pollen levels in New Jersey were the highest in recorded history, due to the excessive snowfall earlier in the year. So I wasn't the only person who was taking allergy medicine but not feeling any effect. Mom's car was making noise, but it went away after we used Brian's truck to get me to the airport. And once I was there, things went a lot better. There were no flight delays, and the walk across the Detroit airport wasn't too bad, even though I probably should have used the tram. The worst part is that I think one of the zippers on my new suitcase broke off... and I'm not talking about just the zipper handle like the old one. The entire zipper came off, and that compartment was half-open when it came off the plane. Fortunately, the contents were still inside, and the remaining zipper is enough to close the compartment. For now. I don't think I'll fly Delta again - for a service I had to pay for, they really don't treat the bags very well. And yeah, I know that's airport staff. So why do I have to pay Delta for it? Maybe I should have paid to switch to an earlier flight - there was one that would have gotten me home before the rain started, but why pay $50 for the privilege of extra screening?

I know I shouldn't leave unpacking, three days' worth of webcomics, and my laundry all until tomorrow, when I also have to do the food shopping for the week, but I'll probably end up doing exactly that. At least I've finished reading Unseen Academicals and can bring a different book with me when I go traveling again next month.

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