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Still waiting for Sailor Moon 34 to finish downloading... it's been what, a week and a half now? ^_^

So I went to the doctor today and got the news I was expecting... nothing more than an ingrown hair. She prescribed me an antibiotic and a warm compress several times a day. Could have been much worse, certainly. Then I decided to forego the usual anime tonight because the conversations with dragoni82 about FF5 got me in the mood to go through that game again, so I got started. Finished the Wind Shrine and earned my first two Blue Magics... I really don't want to miss any this time around. I think I'm missing three or four in my game where I'm at the end, ready to beat the final boss, and only at level 55 or so. No wonder I can't beat the special bosses. I really tried, but there's just no way at my level. This also gives me an alternative to DK 64, writing, and talking to people. Like I needed another one.

Kevin and Kell is running an interesting storyline about the SATs that seems to be building to the same opinion I have of them. They don't test your knowledge; they test your ability to take tests. There's no other explanation for why it's possible to "prepare" for a test. I mean, how hard is it to fill in a circle completely, leaving no white space? Are they afraid you'll miss? Honestly, for all that it tests anything, the questions might as well all be like this:

1) Which of the following does not belong?

A) Bunnies
B) Kitties
C) Doggies
D) Cowies
E) Aki-neechan

2) Which of the following is true?

A) None of the below
B) Some of the above
C) All of the other answers
D) No more than three, but no less than one of the answers, including this one
E) Jupiter!

3) How much money did you spend on this test?

A) None - I'm on the Free Underprivileged Class Kids SAT (FUCKS) program
B) More than I can afford
C) The same as B, but I can afford it
D) The same as C, but I didn't even notice that money had been withdrawn from my bank account... it's that far below my notice
E) How much do you want?

(The answers, of course, are 1 A (the only one that's not an endearing term), 2 should be left blank (any answer automatically disqualifies your test), and for question 3, the closer your answer is to E, the higher your probability of being accepted into the school of your choice (all other questions are ignored by anyone except the scoring board, which also verifies that you spelled your name correctly and that no traces of drool are present on the Scantron sheet).) Note that this is not due to any bitterness on my part where standardized tests are concerned. In fact, my final SAT score was 1530, including a perfect 800 on the Math portion, and I also scored 800 on the all-too-simple Math SAT II. It was more than enough to get into the college of my choice, which ironically (and yes, it is ironic, but I won't explain why here because I want to get to sleep sometime tonight) wasn't my first choice when I took the test the first time and scored 1410. I hadn't even HEARD of Rose-Hulman then. My first choice at that time was MIT, but when I met their interviewer, he was such a jerk (and made a big point of the fact that I was going to be his last interview ever for MIT) that I struck them from my list and saved myself the application fee. (Okay, so I did explain why it was ironic.) It's reminiscent of the story arc in Nukees that appears to be ending.

Oh, and one more problem came up at work that I'll have to fix before I can call it complete. Shouldn't be too hard. I've got my debugs in place and ready to run tomorrow. I'll nail this thing yet, even if it's just a Band-Aid for now. The whole thing seems to be cobbled together with Band-Aids anyway. -_-

Today's Bridge: We pretty fairly whomped them, I'd say, although most of that was in the final hand. Paul S. undervalued his holding a bit after I opened 1NT by rebidding 2NT, which generally means 8-9 points and is invitational to game. I had 17, but my hearts were 8-2, so I was hesitant to bid 3NT. I did anyway, though, because it was the last hand, and Dan doubled. I believe I was holding S A-x-x H 8-2 D A-Q-9 C A-K-10-5-4 all told, and Paul turned out to have S K-x-x H A-K-10-x-x D 10-x-x C Q-J. 13 points there and three suits covered. I'd call that a 3NT response, since we don't possibly have enough for slam. It was close, though... Kelly led a low diamond and drew Dan's king, so the slam would have hinged on a finesse for the jack of diamonds. Turns out that Kelly had that, so we'd have been off one. But it was a close one. And Dan doubled our contract, so that was 200 for the bid tricks, 400 for the two overtricks, and 50 for the double itself, and then the 700 point rubber bonus. Not a bad ending... when it's in my side's favor. ^_^ I also almost managed to make a 2S contract, I believe, with only six spades between our hands... I had A-Q-J-x-x and Paul had the singleton 10. I'd just thrown the bid in there because I had a good suit and about ten points, and everyone passed. Not sure how I managed it, but there was a good split and I let Dan have a ruff early on, leaving him with the lone king of spades which was easily pulled. ^_^ Gotta love when that happens as well.

I was going to post a picture of Aki-neechan here, but I don't want to be responsible for a blindness epidemic. Just look for picture galleries for Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi (or Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai). S/he should be easy to spot.
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