Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Hard to believe I have only one more day at home. I should pack some stuff.

Today's Bridge: Hard to know what to say about today. Kevin and I were partners, and as usual, we didn't have many hands with much power. It all came down to the final hand, where the opponents had a game bid, and even if we'd sacrificed in 5D, we wouldn't have made it, and they'd have won anyway.

Today's Work: The guy I was supposed to be working with yesterday had an alarm clock issue this morning, and still hadn't fixed the problem that kept him away yesterday. It turned out to be uninitialized variables... he hasn't worked much with Java and seems to have thought that passing arguments to the constructor using the same names as class variables would automatically assign those values to the variables. That's a good way to get null pointer exceptions when you try to use those variables. I fixed that, and after a lot of administration to get his computer on the network so he could get our latest software, plus some confusion over which software he needed, and a trip to the help desk to get his login credentials reset, and no lunch (for him, anyway... I eventually ate most of my sandwich), we finally went to the lab, where the stuff we needed to test with wasn't working, and we still don't know why. Well, we'll have another go at it tomorrow.

I've got time to play a game or watch something, or both. And somehow, I don't have much desire to do either. I should get a start on Final Fantasy 13, at least.

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