Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Be funnier.

Happy birthday to sheidowdragon, if he's still around.

Today's Bridge: Fuck Dan. I'm done with that shit.

Today's Work: I put my new fix to the test in the lab and had another problem to fix, but it seems to be perfect now. All that's left is to see whether it solves the problem any better than my last attempt. I'll start taking care of that tomorrow.

And then I was told that they're thinking about maybe moving the trip back two weeks. Hey, that's great for me, because it means I can go spend a full week back home instead of having to rush there for just a few days with my youngest brother after the trip, business clothes and work equipment in tow. The only problem is that they won't be deciding until Friday, which leaves me barely a week to make all of my travel arrangements (in either scenario, although if they change the schedule, then I'll be doing it on my own and not through the travel office, which will complicate things and make it more expensive)... IF they make the decision early enough in the day that I get the word on Friday. Then I can try to get stuff set up over the weekend. Naturally, I'm going to explain my situation directly to the program manager and ask whether he can possibly help out in that regard. But they keep wondering why I don't ever take vacation time... BECAUSE THEY KEEP PULLING THIS SHIT EVERY TIME I TRY! If I hadn't suspected that they'd pull something like this, I'd already have my trips booked. Fortunately, I don't trust the management of this project that much.

So, yeah... pretty shitty day all around. I'm amusing myself as best I can, and then I'll go to bed and hope tomorrow is less shit. I can't imagine how it could fail to be.

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