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Well, further testing looks good. I think the problems are finally all fixed - at least, the ones I've been working on on and off for the last few months. There are other problems to work on later, but right now, I just want the drops and disconnects to work perfectly within the limits of the gateways, time itself, and other factors external to the system. So far, that much looks pretty good.

Today's Bridge: We had some pretty lousy hands, and I misplayed the first one. They were in a 2NT contract and I had S K-J-10-x over the board's Q-x or so, and I think the ace was already gone. I wasn't expecting to get back to my hand, so I led from another suit, hoping to get Dan to lead spades from the board or something screwy like that. Then he led a diamond and my queen won, and I realized that if I played a low spade, I had all the rest of the spade tricks... not sure how that worked exactly, but I led the low spade and they ended up making the contract. Had I attacked spades straight off, then when I got in with the queen of diamonds, the rest of those spades would've been mine. I ended up having to double their 3D contract into game on the last hand because we needed more than 300 points to overcome their game bonus, which is a two-trick doubled set. We might have set them one had we played it differently, since Dan crossruffed out all his trump and left us holding ours, but it wasn't to be. And that still wouldn't have been enough. We got set on a hand that we might have made, although I'm not sure whether Kelly's misplay changed anything in the end. Dan cashed the A-K of spades, pulling the Q-x from the board, and then ran a heart to Kelly's ace. Kelly led the ten of spades, and Dan pitched another heart, so she sluffed a heart from the board, believing the ten to be high. Steve naturally took the jack and then led the queen of hearts, and we ended up off one... but had she trumped, I think the split was against us enough that they'd have taken a trump trick somewhere. But she'd have been trumping with the two. Anyway, no sense worrying about it now.

Watched some Abenobashi tonight... episode 12 is finally something that the common American audience would understand. Cool, funny stuff. And episode 19 of RahXephon, which I specifically avoided using instant messengers while watching... I'd apparently missed a rather important detail from episode 17 while talking to Nightman, but even without it, I saw the ending of 19 coming about ten seconds before it became painfully obvious. At least, the moment when I could see the not-so-subtle hints developing into obvious in-your-face scenes that gave it away. I was going to finish Abenobashi all in one go, but I found a tiny lump near my nipple and figured it might be a cyst. So I called the Nurse Hotline provided by my medical insurance, and guess what? "You should have that checked right away." I knew that even before I called. But if I develop a fever or any other unusual symptoms, I should call them back immediately, so I suppose they can tell me something else about it in that case. They have to approve all hospital visits ahead of time or some such nonsense... apparently, I can go to any doctor if it's not an emergency and not have to worry, but if it's a matter of life and death, I have to go through them. Although, when I called their number, the message said that if it was a life-threatening emergency, I should hang up and dial the local emergency number. And if I'm hospitalized then? Coverage? Well, reading it again, it seems like that's just so they can discuss options and what you need to do after you get out of the hospital. I'm not sure, but if this lump requires surgery, I'm going to call first and figure out exactly what they want. That'd be embarrassing, whether it turns out to be a cyst or not... "Yeah, I was in the hospital being treated for breast cancer. But it turned out to be just an ingrown chest hair." Well, I've got the number for a general practice doctor nearby, so I'll make an appointment tomorrow and see what happens from there. This is one thing I really can't afford to put off. But I hate having to do things, especially on work days. And I don't even want to wait until the weekend to get this looked at.

Also figured out which series to loan to the aforementioned 12-year-old girl. Turns out that it's not her mother who has a problem with nudity... she apparently covers her eyes and asks when it's okay to open them. Cute and innocent, and yet difficult to choose series for. But Cardcaptor Sakura is pretty free of that sort of thing, and Azumanga Daioh and Galaxy Angel are good, wholesome fun... well, I forgot about the bath scene in GA, but that's on the second DVD. Or was it in the manga? Hmmm... I think it's in the anime. "Spring Rolls of Love" perhaps. Well, I'll warn Christie about that and her daughter can skip that episode if she wants. Or by that point, she might be enjoying the show so much that she watches it anyway. I'm pretty sure there was nothing she wouldn't be able to watch... most of the Angels are pretty young, after all. ... I went to check the booklet to see what their ages are, but that's being borrowed. Oops.

After all that, I don't feel like being funny. No Azumanga writing tonight, and no talking to anyone. I'm going to curl up with an episode of Trouble Chocolate and try not to think of anything funny until I'm asleep.

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