Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I won't forget the subject line this time. Wait... shoot

Today's Bridge: Ken and I had all the power for once, and it was beautiful. I'm not sure we always ended up in the best contract, such as a 5D where I fell short by a trick when 3NT might have worked, or I probably should have left it in 4 myself. Whatever. We had great hands, we bid them to perfection, and I actually declared all of the hands for our side... I think. Pretty sure Ken didn't get to play any of them. Some tricky hands, but I think I did really well. New Mike was on defense, and he didn't fare too poorly considering his inexperience... a few less-than-ideal actions on the defense, certainly, but they only gave us overtricks in most cases. There was one club lead he made that pulled my good king to Paul's ruff, but I was actually happy about that, because it set up the 8 for me for the overtrick.

Today's Work: I finally got to test the first of my changes, after spending the morning working with Paul to get my laptop up to the security standards. He said it's passable now. The changes I made seemed to work pretty well, once I fixed a small mistake I'd made. When inserting nodes into a queue, I need to make the next pointer of the tail point to the new node, AND move the tail pointer to the new node, rather than leaving it pointed at the head. Oops. Didn't take me too long to track down when it kept crashing, all things considered. And that's why I don't believe in sanity checking... had it not been for the null pointer accesses, I'd never have found the error.

And I'm finally done with my online dealings for the evening. I can finally do something else. Like sleep.

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