Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I need to learn to stop doing things that are supposed to work properly

Today's Bridge: They made a game, then we made a game. Pretty normal stuff. It was the last hand of the rubber that I found most impressive, and I'm still not sure it was the RIGHT bid, or the BEST bid, but it was my bid. Two passes to me, and I had S K-J H J D A-K-x C A-K-Q-8-x-x-x. What else could I do? I opened 5C. It's been pointed out that I prevented us from bidding a slam by doing that, but Ken considered raising me with his S x H A-Q-10?-x D J-x-x-x-x C 10-9-x. Fortunately, he didn't - we've got a spade loser and a likely diamond loser. Paul led a diamond and Ken's jack won, so there went the diamond loser. I just pulled trump in two tricks, cashed the ace of diamonds, and when Keith showed out, I conceded the spade and claimed 6. If the diamonds split 3-2, I can cash the king and cross to the ace to run the last two diamonds and make 7. Without the diamond lead, there's no way I can eliminate the diamond loser and I can only make 5, but that's still guaranteed. Looking back on the hand, it's unlikely that Paul can make 4S - he loses a club, a diamond, and at least one heart, and if Ken has the ten of hearts, I can hold my spades over Keith's king of hearts while Ken runs his Q-10. Granted, if Paul goes ahead and plays the king, there's no entry back to Ken's hand for the ten, but I don't know whether the hearts split enough to force him to lose another. However, had I bid 1C or even 2C, he could pre-empt in spades and make it impossible for us to find a good fit. I'm pretty much forced to bid 5C the next time around anyway. We couldn't think of an auction that ends anywhere but 5C, and that's exactly the right contract.

Today's Work: I accidentally picked "Restart" instead of "Log Out" at the end of the day, so my computer ate itself. I'm completely serious. I'll call it in tomorrow, but if they don't have it fixed by the end of the day (they won't), I think I'll take off Friday and avoid the expected nasty weather. I almost hate to do it, because Washington's Birthday is coming up. I want to save my time off for when we're not in the middle of holiday season. Granted, we're pretty much at the end of it, but there's a long stretch coming up with no holidays. And probably travel. And cake. If I choose to buy or make cake.

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