Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Katamari and football

Well, as promised, I managed to fill my day with Katamari and the playoffs. The Katamari session was fun, even though I didn't do very well, and the conversation afterward was even more fun. Then it was time for the NFL playoffs, and I'm just watching the NFC game now. I'll probably pack up the laptop when this entry's posted, pack up my backpack, and use the desktop for any computer needs until bedtime. Not that I can do much... looks like I missed my Left 4 Dead party by about an hour. Probably a bit late to start a campaign now anyway. I'll probably play some more Sam & Max or just go back to God of War for a bit before bed. Or whip out the DS and run down the batteries a bit on Apollo Justice before putting it on the charger overnight.

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