Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I hate when something goes right but doesn't do it properly

I didn't get anything at the bookstores today... skipped Borders entirely and B&N didn't have anything I wanted. I'm not sure whether I want to renew my membership or not. I didn't want to get too involved in anything in case anyone wanted to play Left 4 Dead, but that didn't happen. So I figured out how to use Virtual Audio Cables to make the Mask of Eternity recording work, sound-wise. Sadly, I think the frame rate had problems... the audio came out about a minute shorter than the video. I'll try again tomorrow with framerate auto-adjust turned off, and if I have to, I may try to have two simultaneous copies of Audacity recording the game and my commentary while Camstudio does video only.

I managed to finish Sam & Max 2-2, anyway.

I also watched The Final Destination at some point today... the new one, with the cheesy 3D effects that I didn't bother to watch but still noticed. They did some neat things with this one, including a couple that reminded me of the parts I liked from the previous movies. Ultimately, it's the same Final Destination movie I've come to expect, and then some. Sadly, the special features left a little to be desired... it advertises two alternate endings, but honestly, there's just the original ending (same as they do with the other ones... at least, I remember a few alternate endings for the first one), and then what looks like a ten-minute job in a basic video editing program, where they took a scene from the movie, added a splash of blood, and called it an ending. You see that kind of stuff on Youtube as jokes made by 12-year-olds who've just learned how to use Flash and rip DVDs. Very sad. Still, decent movie overall if you're a fan of the series. If not, this one sort of assumes that you are.

Busy day tomorrow... packing, Katamari, the playoffs, and trying to get to bed early, because the flight this time is earlier than my usual preference.

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