Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Impromptu vacation days can be fun too

Happy birthday to singersdd... as always, rather close to my own. You should probably do something about that... you don't want any of my birthday to rub off on you. Trust me.

Today's Work: Well, I never actually made it quite that far. See, as I was about to get out of town, my Check Engine light came on, and the radio had just finished announcing that there might be freezing rain later in the day. As usual, the combination of bad weather and a condition that might make for less than pleasant driving (for once, a car condition rather than something to do with me) was enough to make me turn around and head to the dealership, where they offered to take the car in that very day and check out both the new problem and whatever's been causing the tire pressure light to wear out its bulb for the past few months. Surprisingly, both problems seem to have been leaks. There was an intake valve leak that messed with the air/fuel ratio, which they fixed under my extended warranty for no more cost than the deductible (suspicious timing, just a few weeks past the three-year mark, eh?), and a valve stem leak on a rear tire that led to the constant pressure loss. Curt pointed out that this is the second valve stem problem this car has had, which I need to find the right channel to report to, because a recall may be in order on those tires. I should probably find out what type of tires the originals are.

So, stuck at home all day (yeah, I know, boo hoo), I wanted to go get pizza, but I walked over there on Monday and regretted it. And by lunchtime, it was already raining. I say no thanks to walking in the cold while it's raining, so I just ate the lunch I'd prepared and left it at that. I played some more God of War and watched the rest of The Shield season 1... they sure saved some of the best stuff for the climax. If I weren't going to be gone next week, I'd probably buy more of it this weekend. I still might... I do that.

Then I played through a good portion of Sam & Max episode 2-2. Far more than I should have, or planned to, but I found it difficult to stop while I still had solutions to the puzzles I was facing. Having confronted one whose solution isn't immediately obvious to me, I was finally able to take a break. Also, I finished the third Phoenix Wright game, so Apollo Justice takes its place in my DS for the immediate future. I'll be bringing that as well as my three newest games with me for the rest of the work week, on the off chance that my streak breaks and I'm left without a spot at the Bridge table. I'm liking 2010... despite having to have my car serviced a thousand miles before the oil change.

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