Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I need to get in the habit of writing these crazy ideas down more often.

There's no way I could write an actual story for this, or even make it make sense, so I'm just going to type a few sentences, call it done, and hope somebody out there even gets the joke.

Princess Tutu nervously entered the dark room on tiptoes, peering into the gloom for any sign of her opponent. Experience had taught her that the incarnations of Mythos that she met preferred environments that reflected their natures, and the representations of his darker emotions were always the scariest.
Something glowed in the middle of the room, a dim blue light that barely illuminated a tall figure that towered over her. It didn't look like an incarnation at all, but then, many of them didn't at first. "Mythos?" she called to it, her voice barely a whisper.
"Not quite," replied a voice within her own head. The blue light flashed, and she felt something pressing her from all sides, holding her fast in place. The invisible force lifted her off the ground, and the figure slid forward, into the corridor of light streaming through the open doorway. She could see the silhouette of long, misshapen limbs extending from a thin, distended torso, and a metallic gleam surrounding the blue glow at the creature's face that must be a helmet of some kind. Then, she was flying across the room, helpless to resist as the force imprisoning her tossed her this way and that.
"Do you want to dance?" asked the voice. "Let's dance."

It may make sense if you've watched Princess Tutu in Japanese. Otherwise, don't worry about it. I just had to get it out of my head and into someone else's. Now to figure out how it got in there and plug up the leak...
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