Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Was this really what my life used to be like?

Today's Bridge: It was not our day by far. The opponents underbid two slams (one of them a putaway grand slam), bid haphazardly in two other hands (and Kelly screwed up the defense in one, ruffing a top card from me that might well have been the setting trick), and I don't even remember what happened in the last hand, but we managed one three-trick set early on, and that was it.

Today's Work: I'm pretty much caught up now, after a day of trying to figure out what happened in my absence. I know what's going on now. And the Gatorade machine was unlocked... full of drinks, unable to vend. I forgot how much I missed that piece of crap.

Ignoring the usual boredom factor of my average work days (in terms of not having anything worth writing about, not that the days are boring... but who wants to read about me watching a bunch of videos?), someone pointed me to the ABC show "Conveyor Belt of Love". I didn't have anyone to ask at the time, but... are women really interested in this "window shopping" approach to finding a man to date? Watching men slide by on a belt, asking a few questions, and calling yea or nay with the option of trading up if a better man comes along? Part of me wants to say that it's even more superficial than "Singled Out", but really, all Singled Out ever did was remove appearance from the equation. It's hard to call that superficial... aside from the practice of collecting a hundred desperate singles of each gender and putting them through Singled Out. With Jenny McCarthy. Okay, so at that age, I was watching her more than the rest of the show. Heck, at that age, I was thinking it would be cool to be on that show, in either position, just in the hope of ending up with an actual date with a girl I had something in common with. Now I know better. Still, I definitely don't want to be on a conveyor belt. Watching the girls go by and choosing one...? Well, maybe. But probably not. She already found a date.
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