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“Hey another day Myrtle Beach hey can you say online I'm assuming I can do much or when I get some shocking head lunch in Cosco it's my first Cosco lunch it was actually pretty good it is kicking big thing is not here chicken bake gimme a little time like something I just wanna eat but it was actually really good and then gotta go to way souvenir score going beach store kinda wanting to get something it said Myrtle Beach on it just you know to have a thing it said Myrtle Beach you know the certain thing it sure the people hey look I went to the Myrtle Beach I got a Myrtle Beach night so I got some cards and buy 1 to get 1 half of so I don't one of the thing but the decks of playing cards where buy 1 and get 1 free and there is only 4 bucks for one so I got a buyer 1 get 1 free set for 4 bucks and then another set for 2 additional hours it's now I got four extra cards to Myrtle Beach hey if you can have one too many extra cards and wait soon competitive BS games and Hannah we watch the bunch of them show on Fox I think it was the first time I watch the complete of you can to the office even though I missed part of the beginning it was really something of my way to believe it you said had locked and find the guy and bounce and stock like that and tomorrow is Christmas so Emily have many desire to stay up too late try to turn in our way wake up do refreshing opening all the Christmas traditions and presence I want just coming on I think I really got a hold of in here in the I only got an envelope but I contains our Christmas checks so not alarm a later presence I got the one that third got for me and most of the today the one is that we brought to get the this portion of the family is think I fairly talked to much used too word Myrtle Beach waiting so many times I try to cut down a man if you could.”

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