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Monday: Yeah, I've been missing for a while. My DSL's dead, and they're taking their sweet time fixing it. Hopefully my E-mail hasn't built up too much, since I'll have to check it from work to get rid of the clutter. And days' worth of webcomics are adding to my backlog... lovely stuff, isn't it? Stupid tornadoes. Haven't had much to do since Sunday morning except watch anime and play Xenosaga, and I've done plenty of each. I've watched six episodes of Utena, the last three of Pretear, the last three of DNA2 (I'm watching the last one as I write), and four of Invader Zim (and I might watch the last one on the DVD when my breakfast is done, if there's time left. Heck, might watch it while the eggs cool off), and read a few of my newer manga. Fans of the Fullmetal Panic anime, read the manga... I don't care if it never gets to some of the cooler storylines from the anime, though I'm sure it will, because the manga-only storylines so far have been excellent. Tuxedo Gin's also off to a great start, but there's plenty more of that to read yet. I've got the first 5 books, and the sixth can't be long in coming if it's not already out there. Also, Dan stopped by the apartment this afternoon to say hi, and I got to meet his wife. We chatted for a bit, but other than that and the phone calls to/from Mom, I haven't really talked to anyone since Saturday. Heck, the brief exchange with the cashier at Kroger was practically the high point of the weekend, compared with most of the rest of it. What a weekend to be a long weekend... but fortunately, I believe there's another one in just over a month for Independence Day. Do you ever think about the fact that most people still call that one The Fourth of July? That's even worse than "September Eleventh" because people have actually bothered to come up with a name for it, and nobody uses it. Heck, there are plenty of holidays and other important days that people probably don't even KNOW the dates of! Does anyone call Pearl Harbor Day "The xth of December"? (I don't know it... I'd look it up, but I don't have internet access right now.)

As for my usual random observations, I've noticed something about happy endings. You probably know that I'm not a big fan of them in general, but they seem to be expected in just about all cases. As hokey as they may be, it's incredibly disappointing when a story fails to deliver a properly happy ending. It's impossible to count the number of stories that I'd have preferred to see NOT end happily, simply because of how much more meaningful the alternative would have been. But it's a good thing for people like me that so many stories end happily, because it means that those stories that DO end unhappily are unexpected and stand out that much more. If people read a story expecting a sad ending and get one, then it doesn't really mean much because they saw it coming. Then again, I speak of general principles... certainly, it can be done well. So many people are fond of Grave of the Fireflies, for instance. And Cat Soup just looks freakish, but that's off topic. The point is... all you authors out there, stick to your happy endings. Leave the unhappy ones to me so I can become reknowned for writing the kind of ending other people won't touch. And if you know anything about fixing DSL, get a job at SBC and get on my trouble ticket, because not having a connection really, really sucks.

Tuesday: I don't even have a dial tone today, and the DSL company claims that the line is good all the way to the apartment, so they're blaming the gateway. Could be... but why isn't my phone working? If it was, I'd be on dial-up right now... stupid me for not thinking of it earlier. They gave me a deadline of 6 tomorrow... brilliant. I am SO pissed with these people and these devices. Everything's breaking! Speaking of which... I had to fill up my tires a bit this morning, and when I unplugged the pump, the entire panel went out. That means no CD player at all until I can get it serviced, and both Dan and Andrew were out today, so I have no idea what day I can't afford to miss because of the weekly meeting. Just wonderful.

Today's Bridge: We won. Yay. Some brilliant bids for our side and a few good sacrifices, and one not so good, but today it was Paul who leapt to bids that were a bit high. I think I was entirely accurate minus the last hand, where he opened 2S and I held S A-K-Q-x H A-x-x-x D A-x-x-x-x C 2. What do you do with a hand like that? Well, you probably bid 4S or something, but what if you already have an 80 partscore? Well, I passed, Mike bid 3C, I bid 3S, Kelly bid 4C, I bid 4S, and that held the day. Paul wondered if we'd missed a slam, but we hadn't... I figured if he was weak, there was probably a red suit where we had a few losers, and what were the chances of him having the ace of clubs? As it turns out, he had A-Q-x, giving us two club tricks where we only needed one, and of course what power he had wasn't in spades, because I had the spade honors. We made 5... as I predicted, not a slam hand. There was another hand where Kelly led a pair of aces right off the bat and Paul pulled trump before Mike could get any ruffs from his club void. I pointed out that had Kelly led a club, Mike led back to one of her aces, she led another club, and he led to her last ace, they'd have set our 4H contract... but I'd bid clubs, so she avoided them. Not a surprise. Then there was another interesting hand where I had something like S J (except for the hand mentioned above, I never seemed to have much in spades) H A-K-x-x D K-J-x-x-x-x C x-x... maybe an honor in clubs somewhere. Paul passed the opener, I think, Kelly bid 1S, I overcalled 2D (there was a hand where I overcalled 1S with what I intended to be a weak 2H, but this one I had enough for the overcall), Mike bid 2H, Paul bid 3D, Kelly passed, and what was I going to do? I didn't have the suit coverage for notrump, I didn't want to pass, and I didn't want to bid 4D... so I bid 3H. Paul figured I was cue-bidding a singleton ace of hearts, but it turned out not to matter. I believe Mike bid 4C, which Paul doubled, and one of them bid 4S, which he also doubled. His spades were better than his clubs... and we set them two to make up for the aforementioned 3-trick vulnerable undoubled set. Then we got set 2 doubled on a 5H contract... but he had a self-sustaining 8-card heart suit and they were cold for 4S, so we counted it a move in our favor.

Guess writing about Bridge takes the edge off the anger, eh? Well... I didn't write anything or watch any anime today because I was trying to get the phone situation resolved, so I played a bunch of Gabriel Knight instead... you discover something new every time. It's fun to ask people about some things you wouldn't expect them to know anything about... and I have to laugh every time I go back to the homestead to interrogate Gabriel's grandmother about snakes, the voodoo murders, secret hounfours, and the Voudoun god of destruction. "Gabriel, you're not getting into something, are you? You're the only family I have left, you know!" I need more of that in my stories. Also, I remembered an episode of Outlaw Star that rather adequately captured the feeling that I want for MGT... and it's not the one you're thinking of. It's the "Jim meets girl" one, actually... yeah, now you get it.

When I finally manage to get online and post this entry... if I ask you to shoot me, please don't. I doubt I would, but the way things are stacking up in my life, I'm starting to feel that way again. Good thing nobody's going to read this until it's all fixed, I suppose.

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