Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Does anybody even pay attention to my subjects?

Today's Bridge: We almost didn't even have four people today, but Kelly showed up just in time to be my partner. We didn't make the best show of making the most of our hands, but they were good hands, and the one where I was disappointed that she passed at 3S, she made exactly with a bad spade split. I had one hand where I didn't make the right bid according to the convention, but in retrospect, I think it was the best bid. We were vulnerable, with a 60-point partscore, and I was opening with S A-Q-x-x H A-Q-J-x D A-x C A-10-x. That's 22 points, so I should open 2C, but with two four-card majors and a bit partscore, I think 2NT is the better bid. It allows me to declare a major suit contract via Stayman, and it's only one point below my actual holding. Kelly had S J-x-x H 9-x D K-J-x-x-x C K-J-x, so she raised to 3NT (not necessary given the score, but not wrong by any means), and I won the club and spade finesses to make 5 with the 3-3 diamond split. The heart and diamond finesses might have made 7 a possibility. Kelly also left in a Sohl double of the opponents' 2H when they were vulnerable, but we set them three, so it was a good move.

Today's Work: Mostly just pondering our design. There was a diagram I didn't like at first, but the more I think about it, the more sense it makes, if we can pull it off.

Only one more day of work this week. I have some important things to get done, but I'm hoping to be productive on my days off, aside from the Thanksgiving plans.

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