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Another game of spades without my usual partner, and we whooped. The system is just too cutting-edge for my own weak playing style, I suppose. Without it, we do really well, although we ended up bidding 6 and making 11. And believe it or not, we set their nil on the same hand! Plus 65 to minus 140 is not bad... we rolled and still ended up beating them by 341 in the end. But my usual partner would have bid that 10... It was a beautiful hand to behold, too. Five spades to the KJ, the lone Ace of hearts, and major side power to boot. And partner had the AQ of spades, and nothing else of note. Sigh.

I wrote a function today! Whether it works or not, I have no idea... I gave the ADCPs a try today, just to see, because the room seemed a little cooler. The server that usually overheats seemed to be doing fine when I left for lunch... then died as soon as I left the room. Like, minutes later. And it's the only board that overheats. Not to mention that the command to check the temperature doesn't work on that board, as we discovered today. The other board in that machine gave its temperature readily. 56 Celcius. Hot, but not critical. What's wrong with the machine, we don't know, but it's not the card. We're sure of that.

Still working on ADC chapter 6. I finally got to use Ryoga's new technique, appropriately renamed:

"Just get on with it!" said Akane. "I'm not going to back down!"
Ryoga smiled. "I was hoping you'd say that." He held the blade vertically and began to move it in a small circle, causing the bandana to spin like a hula-hoop. "Watch closely," he said in a soft, droning voice. "You won't want to miss this part."
Akane found her eyes drawn inexorably to the rapidly moving cloth. It made her dizzy to watch it, but she couldn't look away. Even as Ryoga's image blurred and swam in her vision, she couldn't so much as blink. She slowly backed away, watching as Ryoga kept the bandana spinning faster and faster.
Suddenly, Ryoga split in two. Two separate figures stood side by side, twin copies of Ryoga with identical whirling bandanas. Each of those split again, and again, until Akane was completely surrounded by Ryogas. The hypnotic hold of the bandanas was broken, but no matter which way she turned, there was another Ryoga with another bandana. "W-what's going on?" she stammered, trying to back away from all directions at once and failing.
"This is my new technique," explained Ryoga, his voice coming from a different direction with every word. "I learned it on my travels from an old master who called it Splitting Cat Hairs, but he relied on speed. I discovered a better way, using the rapid motion of my bandana to confuse my opponent. Now I can strike from anywhere I want, and you'll never see it coming." To demonstrate, the Ryoga in front of her stepped forward and aimed a punch at her head. Akane raised her arms to block it, but the attack hit the side of her head instead. It wasn't hard enough to hurt, but the shock of the attack knocked Akane off balance anyway.
Akane regained her balance and turned her head, watching the Ryogas for a sign of which one was the real one. They stood up straight and scoffed in perfect unison. Even the dust on their clothes was in exactly the same pattern, giving no indication of which one was real. Akane chose one and aimed a kick at it, but her foot went right through. The copy to its right gave her a light chop to the back of the neck, and she quickly spun to punch at it, but it was another fake.
"Having fun?" taunted Ryoga. "Well, that's only the beginning! This is where it gets interesting!" Slowly, the Ryogas began to move, circling around Akane. They sped up as she watched, moving faster and faster until they were no more than a blur of color. "How do you like it now?" he asked, his voice as dizzying as his motion. "This is the real power of my new technique! Face the terror of the One-Thousand Pig Tornado Attack! SENBUTA GUFUUKEN!"

Slow going, but I'm getting there. I have to add quite a bit to the scene, of course, since Genma isn't there, so that will take a while. But it'll lend a lot more credence to the misunderstanding that follows. This story is shaping up to be a truly great work... but what can I write for this Sunday's hour challenge? I'm in the middle of chapters in every one of my stories! Credit, maybe... that's an original story that hasn't yet seen the light of day. Maybe that's something to post in my journal later....

Always keep the 's' and 'd' keys straight, particularly when typing a word like "add".
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