Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Don't mention butter, whatever you do.

Happy birthday a few mere hours early to vixent_fox.

I did pretty well at Blitzball today, but that's about all that was of interest. I was up early this morning feeling sick... I blame Taco Bell. I think I'm done with being interested in their taco salads. But I got back to sleep until 8:30 anyway. Dinner was Arby's, and I ordered two things I've never had before. The roast beef melt was really good. Much to Curt's surprise, I'm sure, it had caramelized onions as well as that zesty sauce... perhaps a bit too much sauce. The gyro was good too, but as I'm not that big a fan of tomatoes and onions, I'm not sure I'd order another one. The melt, I'd definitely order again.

On the other hand, Psychedelic Eyeball was recording the final video of Prince of Persia 2 via live stream tonight, and they invited anyone who wanted to to call in. So I did. I had some technical problems at first (forgot to go offline on my laptop before signing on on the desktop, so it dropped my call), but it was a good time, and I got to say a few funny things. It ate up the whole evening, but it's left me right about at bedtime, with enough time to watch one more FF10 video beforehand. So I think that's the way I"m going to do it, and hopefully, all the Sierra Mist I drank today will help me fall asleep and stay asleep until it's time to be awake.


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