Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Mostly Bridge, which should be no surprise

Today's Bridge: We had seven, and after two weeks in which I only got to play once (that I can remember), I actually got to play today. Amazing! We had some interesting hands, too... starting with my bidding a 4S overcall and Paul raising it to 5S. The opponents both bid as well... Ken opened 1C, but I was going to bid 4S no matter what he said, despite a rather weak holding of S K-10-9-7-5-4-3-2 or so and just one queen on the side, plus a singleton diamond. Mike responded 5D, and that's when Paul bid 5S. I got that unopposed and undoubled, naturally, since the opponents weren't going to bid a slam almost blind, and I could have made it had I finessed for a jack. Failing that, I lost a trick too many. Then Paul declared a game, also off by one, but I don't remember why. I think it was a case of none of the finesses working, but I believe he also failed to pull trump and gave up some ruffs I don't think he needed to. Then it was my turn to declare at 5D, in an auction where Paul bid clubs three times and I finally raised him to game. The diamonds were the better choice by far. The only loser we had was the ace of hearts, once trump had split favorably and given me plenty of crossruffs, and I jettisoned the board's hearts on my spades and mine on the board's clubs, although we were already trump-tight by then. Even with a heart lead, I had the king, so we're covered, and Ken had the singleton queen of clubs, which promoted my jack for yet another trick. After that, the opponents ended up in a 4S where Mike had three club losers and said that the ten of spades was a lost cause, with Paul holding four of them, but when he didn't pull enough rounds of trump, my six diamonds became a powerhouse. He ruffed his diamonds early, leaving the board unable to do anything about them, and when I got my Q-10 of clubs, I was able to lead through Mike for Paul to overruff twice. Then I ruffed the ace of hearts with the deadweight queen for off three in total. It's possible that he could have avoided one of the club losers by leading the jack from the board. I cover with the queen, he plays the king, and Paul gets the ace, leaving my ten high but promoting the nine for whoever had it. If Mike has it, the contract is makeable, but who'd run a play like that? My side ended with another game to end the rubber, and then Paul declared a game where I was on the weak side, but he misplayed the trump and missed what I think was a makeable contract. He has a habit of starting a finesse, then abandoning it halfway through the trick, like leading his jack and then covering with the king even though the queen hasn't appeared. That's definitely bad play... either lead low and cover high, or lead high and let it ride.

I cut the Bridge part all the time... but it's all I have today. It's probably worth mentioning that I got the Attack Reels in FF10 last night... after losing one tournament to the Al Bhed right away, I tried again and was in the opposite bracket from them. The Luca Goers took care of them, but I was prepared - I think I had characters with Nap Shot and Wither Shot 2, which would have made scoring goals possible. However, three straight games. Now to capture fiends and collect ultimate weapon pieces I missed - and maybe Jecht Spheres. But tonight, with no House, it's webcomics first and gaming if there's time. I want to finish an LP video of my own eventually.

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