Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

If only all trips could go this smoothly

The worst problem we had was some turbulence on one of the flights. The guy behind me quipped brilliantly, "They really need to pave these roads." I had enough time during the layover to grab some pizza for dinner, then I got to the hotel and have been having Internet problems ever since. I'm switching from router to router trying to find ones that will give me an IP until I get shuffled to another one that won't. The wired connection doesn't work either. Ugh. However, I got on long enough to get directions to the Gamestop where I finally got a copy of Phoenix Wright: Justice for All. And now there are sirens outside... probably on the main road, but it's hard to tell. I'm waiting for suckball to end so I can watch some House. Meanwhile, I'm catching up on some LP videos in bits and pieces between outages.

At least the TSA searched my suitcase again, familiarly. I've missed those pamphlets.

Extra innings are the most evil thing known to man. Just call it a freaking tie and show something interesting, like the grass-growing channel!

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