Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

In my mind, it's all equal

Today's Bridge: I downgraded Pinky to learn Ice Shards, now that I know he learns spells for good and not just as long as he has the relevant parts. He's got about half the MP he used to have, but I'll recover the rest eventually. Exploring the haunted mansion now, and having "fun" with the traps.

Today's Work: "Fun" with system updates. I discovered that the cron job I'd set up to do yum updates must have been before one of the reinstalls, and put it back in. Now my system should be keeping up with the latest patches for everything. Never again will I run Firefox two subversions old.

I finally got back to Hayate last night, and discovered that after all this time and most of a season of Monk, plus probably another DVD that I've forgotten, the player still remembered where I was and started the appropriate episode. Now I'm trying to decide whether to update my Wii to the latest firmware that's been bricking systems randomly, or wait to hear more details from Nintendo as to why it's happening and what they plan to do about it. No wonder they've dropped the price on the console... I assume they're expecting sales to take a hit when word gets out that they've taken action against users of the Homebrew Channel, especially when it starts to affect non-users as well. I'm probably not going to touch my Wii for a while, though... when I'm not playing FF10, I've got plenty of new games, and of course, Prototype yet to finish.

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