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In my mind, it's all equal

Today's Bridge: I downgraded Pinky to learn Ice Shards, now that I know he learns spells for good and not just as long as he has the relevant parts. He's got about half the MP he used to have, but I'll recover the rest eventually. Exploring the haunted mansion now, and having "fun" with the traps.

Today's Work: "Fun" with system updates. I discovered that the cron job I'd set up to do yum updates must have been before one of the reinstalls, and put it back in. Now my system should be keeping up with the latest patches for everything. Never again will I run Firefox two subversions old.

I finally got back to Hayate last night, and discovered that after all this time and most of a season of Monk, plus probably another DVD that I've forgotten, the player still remembered where I was and started the appropriate episode. Now I'm trying to decide whether to update my Wii to the latest firmware that's been bricking systems randomly, or wait to hear more details from Nintendo as to why it's happening and what they plan to do about it. No wonder they've dropped the price on the console... I assume they're expecting sales to take a hit when word gets out that they've taken action against users of the Homebrew Channel, especially when it starts to affect non-users as well. I'm probably not going to touch my Wii for a while, though... when I'm not playing FF10, I've got plenty of new games, and of course, Prototype yet to finish.


Oct. 1st, 2009 12:50 pm (UTC)
I haven't had any problems with the latest update on my Wii. Then again, I've never tried to hack or mod this system - I don't think I even heard enough about the Twilight Hack to try messing with it before Nintendo closed that hole.

Honestly, though? I still believe Nintendo would be doing themselves a favor if they took a page from Sony and stopped enforcing regional lock-outs. I imagine that more consoles are modded for out-of-region gaming than for deliberate, copyright-violating piracy in the first place - and if you let people buy and play cross-region games, that means legit money is spent on the software as well as the hardware.

Granted, the current generation on the Wii (if not the PS3 and XBox 360 as well) is seeing more surprise translations than I can think of for any prior generation: Sakura Wars, Arc Rise Fantasia (maybe not that big a surprise) ... heck, I can't even remember the whole list that floored me over the summer. There's also the example of the "Import" category on the Virtual Console. Unfortunately, that also highlights what American gamers aren't getting, like Disaster: Day of Crisis or Fatal Frame 0.

Nintendo would, I believe, only stand to benefit if they stopped blocking cross-region gaming. They might sell fewer systems worldwide, but they and other developers would stand to sell a lot more software.
Oct. 1st, 2009 02:08 pm (UTC)
The word on the update, from what I can tell, is that they didn't do a very good job putting it together, and the part of the update that rewrites the boot2 loader is prone to errors. Screw up writing the boot2, and your console never starts up again. That probability has nothing to do with the state of your console before the update. The good news is that once it's been applied, you're safe. And Nintendo's offering to fix the bricked consoles... IF you can prove that you never modified yours. I'm thinking this is a subtle ploy to scare people who might be tempted to use mods - even though the new updates aren't stopping anyone from using mods, they are dividing people into those who use mods and those who can have their consoles restored when an update destroys them. It's an RROD time bomb - void your implied warranty at your own risk. Most likely unintentional, but the reaction is classic. Still, until Nintendo gives me a very good reason to risk installing a system update, I think I'll stick with the firmware that I know works.

As for regional lock-outs, yes, they're stupid, but I think Sony's still using them, aren't they? It happens that Japan and the U.S. are in the same region for Blu-Ray, so our PS3s will play their games and vice versa. I know American DSes will play Japanese games, but I don't know about UMD. And both companies seem to be moving away from discs and cartridges altogether and pushing their online stores for handhelds, which I imagine would necessarily be "region-free", although you only have access to content in that region's store.
Oct. 1st, 2009 07:44 pm (UTC)
As I recall, Sony has stated openly that the PS3 is region-free, at least for gaming purposes. They may have left region coding in place for Blu-Ray Video (and probably did). I can also state from experience that the PSP-1000 and -3000 are region-free for games; Sony did say they'd keep a region lock for UMD Video, but movies on UMD aren't really a driving factor for me.

As for what you said about "moving away from discs and cartridges" ... um, not really? Sony has stated that they're not discontinuing the PSP-3000 any time soon, and I doubt that the PSPgo poses a major threat to it given the higher price ($250 vs. $170 or something) and the nature of the trade-offs involved. As for Nintendo, DSi Ware is in no danger at all of pushing DS cards off the shelves - these are small downloads, too small for top-of-the-line RPGs or other major titles.

Anyway, I will admit that I'd like a working method of bypassing the Wii's region coding without cracking the thing open or otherwise directly voiding the warranty. Unfortunately, Nintendo's anti-piracy efforts aren't discriminating between pirates and relatively-lawful importers.

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