Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Reading old entries makes me glad I'm not inspired to write more like them.

Happy birthday tomorrow to shachihoko.

Today's Bridge: Aside from bidding less than game on a hand that made slam when Ken didn't cash his winning spade, Kelly and I didn't do TOO badly. However, there was a 2H hand where she was loaded with hearts, but made a concerted effort to throw as many of them as possible into tricks where there were already bigger trump. We set their final 4C, which would have been hard not to do, but Kelly failed to lead a diamond into my void for an extra trick, and I probably should have snagged the ace of clubs on the first club trick so she could ruff a heart for a second entry and another diamond ruff.

Today's Work: Back to the comments for the most part, but I finally officially got my DAWIA level 3. I printed out the certificate and saved a copy to my hard drive.

Leaving the computer on has been beneficial so far, but my virus scan has been running for well over 24 hours now. At least I'll know I'm clean.

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