Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

This is survival at its finest

I went to bed last night shortly after writing that entry... around 8:15, I think. I won't say I slept well, because I probably got up at least eight times for bathroom breaks, nose-blowing, and maybe some other stuff I've forgotten. But nearly ten hours in bed seemed to knock out most of what was wrong with me - the fever disappeared, the coughs improved, and my nose stopped running quite so much. By the time I couldn't stay in bed any longer, I was feeling much better, and after finding out what my options in health care were, I ended up just going to class again, in the best condition I've been in since Friday. My coughs are still just a tiny bit bronchial, but the mucus has mostly crusted over by now, and there's no sign of the weakness I suffered yesterday. Okay, antibiotics probably would have been a good idea at some point, but I've experienced the healing power of the human immune system many times before, and I trust it in most cases. Like I said before, if I can walk and talk, and mostly drive, I'm going to that class and getting my DAWIA requirements behind me... PERMANENTLY. I am NOT retaking this course from the beginning. No way, no how.

Sadly, it was a tough call even so. The storm this morning was intense, and they've been calling for more this evening, but I haven't seen it yet. Fortunately, aside from some ironic thoughts that if I were struck by lightning on the way into the building, it would make my health condition vis a vis diseases irrelevant to whether I stayed in the class or not, there were no ill effects. I think I arrived shortly after eight, and I was the first one from my table to show up. Nobody was in much of a hurry because we were already done with the presentations. I have to give mine tomorrow afternoon, so everyone's counting on the four hours we have tomorrow to get it done. It looks like a mess, but since I'm the lead, I'm not supposed to have all of the information. The other guys seem to be getting along well, so I'm just putting some jokes in my presentation and filling in the stuff I know nobody else will be doing. This exercise seems considerably more intensive than the previous ones, since most of the presentation is a combination of multiple people's outputs... in the earlier ones, we were mainly just splitting up the slides and combining them into a finished presentation. But the rest of the group assured me that they'll take care of most of that, so I'll just roll with the punches, direct as best I can, and see what develops. And do my part, of course.

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