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When I only do one thing, I make sure it's the right thing

I spent most of the day resting in the hotel room, but I managed to make it out long enough to watch the new Harry Potter movie at last. WOW. It's like watching a completely different story with the same basic plot as the book. The conversations, especially between students, felt much more natural in the movie than they did in the book, and the alternative presentation of the various "mysteries" from the book worked better, in my opinion, than every character in the story telling Harry he's wrong on the one occasion when he actually has the right idea. That was going to be the central focus of my story reduction, and it still will, but I would have to say that this was the way the movie adaptations should probably have been done from the start. Okay, I'll concede that it would have been difficult before the series was complete... but that never stopped Dragonball Z. The ending was admittedly a bit weak, given the tendency of the movies to focus heavily on the action scenes, however artificial, but this story was never about action to begin with. It was about character growth and romance, and the movie did those very well... except with fewer flashbacks, which is a bit of a shame.

I managed to find those secret passages in Metroid Fusion that let you revisit areas once they're blocked off. Finally, I can try to achieve 100%. They hide stuff really well.
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