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sheidowdragon pointed me to this game among others yesterday... GROW is fascinating but deterministic. Vanilla requires a scroll wheel, and I don't feel like hooking up my other mouse to play it just yet. Tontie, on the other hand, is very worth fiddling with keyboards to get a numeric keypad for. My high score, after about four games, is 16,685 or so at level 10. I was doing really well in the third game, but the keypad stopped responding for some reason. I'll keep practicing and try to get an even higher score, as well as advancing as many levels as possible. And it IS possible to beat GROW. Just watch carefully and keep trying.

Today's Bridge: Paul rejoined us today, but he was against me. Dan and I had two contracts, one 4C which he made quite well and a 3H which should have been 4C. I believe Paul opened 1D, Dan bid 1S, Steve passed, I bid 2C (I had five clubs to the Q-J and four hearts to the A-J, and K-Q of spades), Paul bid 2D, Dan bid 2S, Steve bid 3D, I bid 3H, and that was it. Dan had FOUR CLUBS TO THE A-K and TWO HEARTS TO THE TEN. You bid 4C with that. I was tempted to go to 4S if anyone said anything at all, but Dan only had five of them to the ace. Other than that, it was mostly us setting them every time, including an interesting 1S contract where Dan and I might have had something, but he'd overcalled with 11 points and I had 10, so neither of us felt it was appropriate to bid over the 1S. I sure wasn't going to reopen the bidding when they were sub-game.

Watched the rest of the TV episodes of DNA2... I think I can actually stop watching it for now and take the time to finish Pretear and start Abenobashi. I rather wonder how close the plot will come to stories like GTP and the future A Blessing and a Curse, where there's a moral conflict between two undesirable consequences that cannot both be avoided. I really like that sort of story, in case you didn't notice.

Still going at the hammer game... I'll shut up and play it for a while. If anything else happens (and it doesn't interfere with my playing), I'll let you know.

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