Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Things get busy

Today's Bridge: I played four of the five hands, and I think three of them shouldn't have been bid. The other was a 3S that made 7 thanks to a relatively fortuitous lead, but could have been held to 3 or 4. The hand is guaranteed to make 7D. I was holding S A-K-10-9-8-x H A-Q-x D x C A-x-x or so opposite Dan's 2D opener, so naturally, I rebid my spades a few times. He had way too strong a hand: S Q-x H x D A-K-Q-10-x-x-x C Q-x-x. If Mike leads a diamond, I can't run them from the board, but he led a club, so I pulled trump, crossed to the diamonds, and sluffed my ace of hearts triumphantly before declaring. If diamonds are trump, then there's a guaranteed entry to my hand to run the long spades after pulling trump, securing the grand slam... if Dan doesn't undervalue his hand and bids it strongly. Otherwise, we had an intense 2NT after a crazy auction. Keith, to my right, opened 1S, and with S A-Q-10-9-x H Q-x-x D K-x C J-x-x or thereabouts, I couldn't say anything. Mike responded 1NT, and Dan came in with 2D. Keith passed that, and I couldn't very well leave it, so I bid a very descriptive 2NT. Mike doubled that, and I couldn't say anything else. Mike led the A-K-x of hearts into Dan's S J H x-x D J-10-9-8-7-x C A-Q-x-x, so I took the queen and went with the obvious strategy - don't lose a finesse to Mike, especially after Keith sluffed a spade on the third heart, leaving Mike with three that I couldn't cover. I started with the jack of clubs to Keith's king, and he responded with a club to the board's A-Q. Shame I'd sluffed the last club, but I don't believe they split anyway. I ran the spade finesse, but then I was forced to run a diamond... which won. I led a second diamond back to my king, and Keith held his ace again, giving me the ace of spades for my eighth trick. As Mike pointed out afterward, had he started with a diamond to Keith's ace, Keith could lead a heart back for six straight tricks and a two-trick doubled set even before the king of clubs came into play. We set the only contract they got to play by one trick, and I think Keith was distracted by the bad trump split and led a low club from the board to ruff instead of leading the good ones and forcing Dan to ruff with the high trump. Not that he would have made the contract necessarily... but good practice doesn't have to depend on making the contract. In the final hand, I opened 2S with a pathetic S A-10-9-8-x-x H x D Q-10-x C x-x-x, Mike doubled, and Dan redoubled. That baffled Mike, but I had a pretty good idea what it meant - spade support. Keith bid 3D, and I passed to see where the auction would go. When Dan passed Mike's 3H, I figured that 4S would be a sacrifice, but when Keith bid 4D, I went for it anyway. What Dan showed me was S Q-J-x-x H x-x-x-x D K-9?-x C A-J. I ruffed the second heart, then led the ace of spades, pulling Mike's singleton king. The rest was more or less given - I pulled the last spade, ran the losing club finesse, and when Keith led a diamond, I was done. I used the ten to pull Mike's ace and had nothing left but winners and a crossruff. Had he used the jack, it would have set me... I think. Maybe Dan had the nine, in which case I'm golden either way. Shame I can't remember the first hand... it was a 2S that I didn't expect to be playing, and it looked grossly underpowered, but I made it exactly. After everything else that happened, it just wasn't impressive enough to stick in my mind.

Today's Work: More cleanup. I wanted to get the relatively easy stuff out of the way before moving to more extensive edits. Strangely, they chose TODAY to tell me that my computer's getting tech refreshed at last, right at the end of the two-week period when I won't be around. So I had to get all of my data backed up in advance. Why is this the week when everything's coming due? I guess it could be worse... I hate to imagine how much they're going to pile on me DURING the two weeks. Of course, most of it will be "Your mailbox is full because you're not here to empty it," but nobody cares about those.

And when I got home, videos left and right... the Life in a Game finale, lots of Let's Plays, and of course, the premiere of Hell's Kitchen. I really want to try my last new used game (well, there's a familiar oxymoron), but there's so much other entertainment on hand! At least I know I can access it all this week. No word yet of a hotel change, but last time, that came in the Wednesday before. That's tomorrow. Things are getting intense.

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