Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: It all came down to one hand, really. Two if you count a horrible split, but I was looking at S Q-J-10-x-x-x H A-Q-x-x D x C Q-x in one hand, Mike opened 1C opposite me, I responded 1S, Dan bid 2D, Mike bid 3C, Kelly bid 3D, I bid 3H, Dan bid 4D, Mike passed, Kelly passed, and I bid 5C. I told Mike later that my intention was to show a two-suiter in spades and hearts, then give him the option of choosing his suit, once he knew that I had minimal support for his clubs. He had A-K-x of spades and only K-J-x-x-x of clubs. I fully believe we had 5S in the bag, with one diamond loser and one club loser. Instead, we were off two doubled in clubs. Then I bid us up to 5C to protect our partscore, lest they make game in spades when I had only one (Mike had four but didn't double, so I thought he was short there and really long in clubs), and Dan turned out to have all four missing clubs and the missing king of diamonds... and Mike had no power in clubs to finesse Dan. We ended up off four in that hand, also doubled. Those two hands combined were a massive swing.

Finished the next to last scene in the first chapter of MGT... I think I'll just ignore the boyfriend for now and forget he ever existed. I was going to introduce him for the final scene, but there's no need to do that in this draft. Maybe I'll work him in later, but for now, I just want to finish the chapter and get it ready to go to the con.

Talked to some more neighbors and their friends today... and that was about as interesting as it got.

Oh... one of the problems we thought we'd solved at work has come back to bite us again, and the problems we've found are rooted VERY deeply in some code that nobody's ever gotten to the bottom of. A number is stored in two different formats in two different places, and someone somewhere is trying to read one of them as the wrong format... some of the time. I've already fried my brain from looking into it for a few hours. I can only begin to imagine what will happen over the rest of the week.

Some things are actually not things at all. Just goes to show you.

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