Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Maybe I did too much today

I went for that oil change first thing, as planned... and they misplaced my paperwork, which resulted in me sitting patiently for over an hour after the car was done, waiting to be called. I pointed it out to them early in the wait, but they said the paperwork must not be ready yet. Finally, they found it, and as an apology (and possibly because I was so polite and understanding about the mishap), they gave me a discount on the cost. I made it home with plenty of time before the plumber arrived (still Aim To Please, of course), and he had some difficulty installing the light fixture because the one we got requires a box, and there wasn't one. Nor was there any room to install a remodel box, because the pipes ran right through the space where it would have gone. Oops. Fortunately, he worked a miracle with a piece of wood behind the drywall and got both the light and the mirror mounted, all in an hour. After that, I did some video work before the usual shopping, and afterward, I came home and spent the rest of the evening in a very uncomfortable position. It reminded me of the time I had to take several courses of laxatives and eat nothing for several days, although I'd eaten a lunch and was completely unaware of any laxative content. Maybe one of the drinks I had along the way was responsible... I had the first bottle from a new case of white tea, and most of a fresh bottle of apple juice. I may have to check for recalls.

Today's Manga: Tsubasa 21, Love*Com 12, Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei 2, Higurashi: Cotton Drifting Arc 1, Rosario + Vampire 7, Negima 22, Burst Angel 3, Prince of Tennis 31, and the first books of Animal Academy and Bamboo Blade. But that's not all I got! I also bought a new folding chair, an adjustable stool for the Rock Band drum kit (maybe being in the right position will make it a bit more comfortable), a Wireless N card I have yet to install, and My World, My Way for the DS. It's a cute RPG that seems to hearken to the days of Dragon Warrior 1 for its fight mechanics, but does some unusual things with the map and stats. The main thing that sets this game apart is that the protagonist is a spoiled princess who's used to getting her way all the time, and when she doesn't, she pouts. But she's fallen in love with an adventurer who won't return her feelings unless she cuts her hair, puts on some armor, and becomes a heroine. So she does. She fights monsters and goes on quests to help people in the towns she enters, earns experience, buys equipment and items, casts magic with the help of her companion parrot, and so on... but she still pouts when she doesn't get her way, and assuming she has enough "Pout Points" saved up, her pouting can have a variety of effects like increasing the amount of money or experience she earns, making enemies weaker or stronger, stunning enemies in battle to prevent them from attacking, or even changing the terrain so she can meet different types of enemies. The game has been laid out in a tutorial-like fashion so far, and the story gives a good reason for that - her mentor is paying people to give her increasingly difficult challenges to help her become a heroine, and sending her upgrades like the companion parrot when she can best make use of them. It's amusing and enjoyable, so fans of the Dragon Warrior/Quest series and games like it may want to check this one out. It's also got dual controls, so you can use the stylus or the D-pad and buttons - DS RPGs should all work that way.

I also got a slim case of Pepsi Throwback... they really don't want to sell this stuff, do they?

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