Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

People worked today, right?

I slacked off even more today than yesterday. But I did work on my LP videos, which I think should count even though it's a hobby and I enjoy it. I spent most of the morning learning how to record videos in ZSNES and convert them into watchable format, which is neat. I look forward to having some fun with that. I also had to drive downtown because the nearby Taco Hell is renovating and the dining room was closed... which I didn't discover until after I'd skipped the drive-thru, and I neither wanted to drive around again nor sit in the even longer line. The downtown one did a great job with the food, particularly the wrapping. My taco didn't shed lettuce all over the bag! But the side of sour cream was meager at best. Also, the drink machine was leaking all over the floor, but the Baja Blast dispenser dispensed Baja Blast, rather than seltzer with a vague hint of indistinguishable flavoring. At least I finished the fifth season of Powerpuff Girls... only one season left! I never thought I'd actually enjoy a clip show, but theirs was brilliant. They had a lot of gimmicky episodes in this season, and I loved them. I miss that show.

I don't, however, miss most of Virtual Bart.

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