Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Sometimes I get things right

Today's Bridge: My side was doing okay at first, but we ended up with one of the most horrible pairs of hands ever. Not ours... we had eight diamonds to top honors between us, and the material to make 3NT, except that the diamonds split 4-1, the clubs split 5-1, and the hearts split 6-1. I don't even care about the spades. It was awful.

I recorded the footage for the next Alone in the Dark 3 video and didn't lose nearly as many times as I was expecting to. I think I lost (unintentionally) once against each major enemy. Probably twice against Hammer, now that I think about it.

Whether you know about Half-Life or not, this is the most hilarious pair of videos I've seen today. In short, a really bad author named Squirrelking wrote a really bad Half-Life story, so someone made an animation to go with it. I haven't laughed until my stomach hurt in quite a while. Fans of Bennett the Sage's Fanfic Theater may be familiar with Squirrelking's work already... this is funnier.

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