Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

The days pass pleasantly enough anymore

Today's Bridge: Mike got hit with a devastating split in a 4S contract that had him off four, although I think he got a bit ambitious when I'd supported him minimally... and I'd considered passing despite having the support, just because it was crap. But I had a 2NT opener in fourth seat for the next hand - S A-Q-J H 9-8 D K-J-x-x C A-K-Q-x. Granted, the heart doubleton was weak, but one of the lessons I picked up from the new book was that the weak dobuleton shouldn't put me off bidding strong in a situation like this. Indeed, we ended in 3NT, and with Mike's S x-x H Q-J-x-x D A-10-x C 9-x-x-x, we lost the first two tricks to the heart honors and got the next eleven when the diamond lead pulled the queen and the spade finesse worked. I tossed my queen of spades and low club on the hearts and claimed. The opponents then overbid our 2S (which would have been tough to make... I had great distribution, but Ken had all five missing spades) with a disastrous 4C. They had eight in each red suit, but WE had eight clubs. Down five, although they'd have had a hard time making 3D, Paul's preferred contract. I think they'd have been much better off in 3H. They ended with two games in a row, one of them started by Ken's fourth-seat 2NT opener. Paul responded 3S with some power and five spades, and Ken interpreted that as intended despite it being against convention. I couldn't really argue with his raise to 4S even if Paul's bid had been as intended... he had three little spades and honors to spare everywhere else.

It was a pretty normal day... got some stuff done at work, finally beat the Berserker in Legend of Legaia, posted two Alone in the Dark 3 bonus videos (no responses yet, but I'm hopeful), and set up the soundtrack for the main video. Just the subtitles left to do, but they'll be tricky. Due to circumstances, I couldn't leave the usual pauses for subtitles... I had to blaze through the entire timed section, and it still wasn't fast enough. Well, hopefully, my failures will be amusing. Failures usually are, especially when presented properly.

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