Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I should make a game where this entry pops up one line at a time as you beat each level.

Happy birthday, just2draw. At least I know you still read my entries. I can't believe how many people have silently banned me over the years, and I never find out until they post something that I want to reply to.

Today's Bridge: I found a glitch that really crippled my enjoyment of the game today. I'd opened three chests that collectively contained enough Red Orbs to get my gauntlets up to level 3, but didn't do so well in the fight that followed and decided to die and return to the checkpoint. Well... the chests were already open, but I didn't have the orbs. I wouldn't mind the issue so much, but there are no save points available in that area, so I'll have to do it all again and try to get it in one shot. Game developers... you make great games, but why don't you guys spot these problems earlier?

Today's Work: An interesting session of finally getting my laptop online, destroying the encryption key for my biggest partition (granted, I chose that one because it didn't have any data that I needed), restoring the encryption, making it work across the other partitions, and finally having people on two projects ask me to explain things. What's this? Actual WORK? I'd forgotten what that was like. Writing coding standards is just dull, or at least, I expect it will be when I can muster the motivation to do it.

I finished the subtitles, but they need some editing. Instead, I'm going to leave them for now and play an actual game that I want to play, something I haven't done in quite a long time. Discworld Noir... don't leave me now, baby.

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