Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I don't understand how my bank works.

Let me make up some numbers to give you an example of what happened to the money I was talking about yesterday. It occurred to me as I arrived at work that perhaps the bank had deducted a mortgage payment from the travel reimbursement payment, since it came from the same source as my paychecks. But it makes no sense to me. Suppose that my normal paycheck is $1000 every two weeks, and I owe $300 per month on my mortgage. I have automatic deductions set up to take $150 from each paycheck to cover that. About a week before the end of a month in which the mortgage has been completely taken care of, a single $500 payment comes in. They deducted the entire $300 for the following month from that payment. I have no idea whether they'll deduct payments from my actual paychecks this month, but April is completely paid off. I can't imagine why they did that, but at least now I know, and the numbers actually work out now.

We spent the whole day at work working on the same document, and we're done with the easy part. Now we have to prove that our design meets all of the requirements. I faxed in what should be the final documentation from my trip, now that I've confirmed the money made it into my account (and my mortgage), and that covers yet another day. Joy.

Is anyone interested in a competition with some really tough puzzles? There are no prizes involved (if you team up with me, anyway), and it will basically cover one week in April, although there's about a month to work out the first set of puzzles... if there's any interest, I'll post the link and accept applications to join my team, as such. Being able to discuss the puzzles over Skype will be a big help.

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