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The trip back was quite pleasant. The flight attendant on the Cincinnati-Indianapolis flight had a good sense of humor, as demonstrated by his response to the strong smell of Chinese food in the plane. "Whoever has the Chinese food, you have two choices. Either share it with everyone, or toss it out the window. Your choice." He was kidding. But at the end of the flight, when he told us he was going to come pick up our trash and service items, he added "Chinese takeout containers". Then I made it home nice and early, called the people I needed to call, put away the stuff I needed to put away, and generally settled in for one day of mostly being at home before my next week-long trip. I just need to remember to get the water bill paid tomorrow.

At least I'm driving next time... so I can bring whatever I can fit in my car. I can bring my unread manga, instead of having to resort to magazines and novels. I'll probably still bring novels. Speaking of which, I finished Dearly Devoted Dexter on the trip back. Wow. Just wow. Now I need to watch the second season.

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