Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

There's no substitute

Today's Bridge: I got back to chasing Calliope... what does she have against her father? No, really. Anyway, the gauntlets are definitely my weapon of choice against big enemies, and most small enemies. Everything, really. It just tears enemies apart. But the PSP is almost out of power.

Today's Work: I printed some directions, itineraries, etc. and still haven't gotten an answer to the big question... not that an answer would do me any good at this point.

I think I have some sort of sinus infection setting in... I used the sinus rinse this morning, and that cleaned things up pretty well, but I still had to blow my nose more today than usual, and even when it's clear enough to breathe, I can feel it stuffing up. I'd have skipped work to go get some antibiotics, but with the deadlines so close, I couldn't really afford it. If it's still bothering me on Saturday, I might go. This is no condition for flying. I'll also try to swing by the bank tomorrow and deposit the checks I've been accumulating, now that I know I won't be getting the jury duty check until Saturday at the earliest, too late to turn it in until I return to work two weeks later.

In the meantime, I'm having fun with AegisSub, learning to put subtitles into videos. This will be a handy tool when I move away from Windows Movie Maker upon my return to making actual videos.

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