Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

What do you do when every solution fails?

Today's Bridge: Mike and I partnered up against Kelly and Dan. That covers so many of my old entries... reading the old entries in my LJ makes me wish I'd kept it up through college. Anyway, today's game got off to one of the strangest starts ever... Mike opened 1C, I barely had enough to respond 1D, and he jumped all the way up to 3S. I didn't even notice the double jump... I just kept bidding until we stopped at 4NT. I wasn't too worried about my chances, but I made a mistake near the end that could have cost me the contract. I had S K H K-x D 10 C J-x-x-x and Mike had S 10-x H Q-x-x C A-K-Q. The diamond was good, the spades were good, and the ace of hearts was still out there, the one loser I could afford. I cashed the king of spades before crossing to the board's queen of hearts, pulling the ace. Had Dan held the ace, I'd have been screwed... I had no hand entries to run the fourth club. I overthought and figured I needed the ten of spades once I was on the board. What I needed to do was lead the heart straight away... if the ace comes out, I win the lead and play exactly as I did. If not, then I run the good clubs, lead the spade to my hand, cash the jack of clubs, and concede the ace of hearts. I made the contract anyway, and that set the tone for the rest of the rubber. Dan and Kelly followed quickly by competing in clubs with our diamonds, so Dan finally ended up in 4H. Nobody wanted to bid over that, especially when I had four little ones and two tiny clubs. Off two, undoubled. Then we were bidding hearts and Kelly cut in with 3S. Mike doubled that, so I trusted him and let it go. I had a singleton spade and five hearts to the A-K, with four to the queen on the board. I took the ace on the lead and ran the king, on which Mike sluffed a club. That left Kelly with the jack, so I led a low heart, and she ruffed. Interesting... but we let it go, and when she finally led the queen from the board a few tricks later and dropped the jack, we counted it a two-trick penalty and ended up with a five-trick set. We failed to attack the clubs in their final 2D contract, giving Kelly a board entry to run good spades (I was worried about her ruffing clubs with the board's diamonds, honestly), but she ruffed the first spade and led a club to our honors instead of sluffing the club and making the contract.

Today's Work: I tried the other, more complicated solution suggested by the contractor, but while it may have improved the system's performance, the problem is still there. It just took about half an hour to find.

I had to fix an audio file that had a major blip in it. Fortunately, it had enough repetition that I could find an identical part and paste it over the blip. I can't tell it was ever flawed. And while we're on the subject of programs working, Veoh tech support has finally gotten back to me, and they're looking for why some of my videos wouldn't upload. I'm already doing my own transcoding, so I don't really need their solution anymore, but it'll be good to know. I'm curious about what they'll find.

Speaking of which, I want to spend this evening working on the final Gobliiins video - at least, the final regular video. I have some bonuses planned. Hence the early entry. I might or might not even watch Heroes. Having forgotten last week and not cared for at least a year, I'm not sure it's worth the time.

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