Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Maybe I'm addicted to making videos.

Today's Manga: NORA 3, Zombie Loan 5, and Higurashi 2. I also got the "Director's Cut" of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac... probably yet another book that will sit on my shelves for ages until I forget I have it, but we'll see.

Today's Other Stuff: A pretty mixed bag from Best Buy, because I had a mixed bag coupon. I decided to buy some stuff I normally wouldn't, at a lower cost. That was the entirety of Gantz, the two-season set of Tru Calling (all for six extra episodes... I must really love that show... shame I didn't pay much attention to Dollhouse last night), and Onechanbara for the XBox 360. I know what you're thinking, and yes, my stomach HAS been feeling kind of funny since a few weeks ago, but I came back home and did my research before buying it. The reviews I read had positive things to say about it (including favorable comparisons to Dead Rising in terms of having a decent interface for fighting zombies), and the overall rating was on the good side of mediocre. I put in some time, and it's a pretty good game. The problem is that neither the manual nor the game really explains what you're supposed to do, and I kept forgetting to hit the Y button at the game over screen to see the tips. You know, the stuff it would be really helpful if they put in the manual, or a tutorial, or something like that. I've figured out a couple of things, such as if you get bled on too much, you turn into some sort of demon that constantly loses health. I think it's the ONLY way to defeat certain enemies... your attack power and speed go way up, but you don't live long, and I haven't found any way to reverse the effect. You just have to complete the level before you die. I think there's some way to recover your health by defeating enemies, hitting them enough times, collecting certain items that they drop... I have no idea. There are levels and experience, but if you die, your level drops by half. I think I'm almost weaker now than when I started because I didn't know that. And I only lost once. The tip told me how to perform better combo attacks. I'm still getting the hang of that, but I've seen some of them. The fighting is pretty cool, although it takes a few chapters for more than a few enemies to show up at a time, and most of them still fall to a few sword swings. I also figured out on my own that when health blocks turn blue instead of disappearing, it means they'll recover gradually if I switch characters. I'm sure a guide will come out eventually to explain some of this stuff. Also, the game is in Japanese with English subtitles. No English dub at all. And you have to earn clothes for the characters as you go - you start with only their default costumes and their bikinis, and the older sister's default costume IS a bikini and a stole. And a cowboy hat. I have no idea why they don't wear, say, CLOTHES... but that is the point of the game. That, and cutting lots of zombies into pieces, then flicking the blood off your blade before it gets stuck in the body of the next zombie you attack. And whatever you do, don't fight the blood demon. I don't think you can kill it, but it sure bleeds a lot.

And because I said I would, here's the link to my Something Awful thread. I'm hoping to have some Veoh links added soon, which will supplant Viddler as my host of choice because it actually works well with the codec. If only it would finish processing the first video... it's the shortest of the three, I uploaded it long before the other two, and it's the only one not done yet. Well, I'm just going to upload a second copy and see which one finishes first. That'll show it.

I watched the MST3K episode of Soultaker over dinner. That was a good one. Makes me want to watch the Hobgoblins one again, sort of.

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