Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

The "simple" display problem we were looking at yesterday had us stymied for a while... and then we added some print statements, and the problem became occasional. Another print statement, and we couldn't reproduce it at all. So it looked like a timing problem... except the print statements were AFTER the data went bad. Turns out that was a coincidence... the problem is likely something with the data files, which we already know are hokey, and doing anything with those will be a challenge. But that's not my task, so I'll leave that in someone else's hands while I prepare my own part of the new build.

I watched the first two episodes of Azumanga Daioh today... boy, am I glad I watched Risky Safety first. Safety's ultra-squeaky voice makes Chiyo's almost bearable. The theme songs are great, but other than that, the anime adds little to nothing to the manga. In fact, some of the jokes are burdened with excessive narration and too much buildup. Still, it's interesting to hear it all in Japanese, particularly Osaka. I'd forgotten that at the beginning, she seemed almost normal.

No Bridge today. Dan was out, Paul's not playing anymore, and everybody else was too busy. I taught Steve to play The Fool, but he didn't like it very much... and then I remembered that I keep my Set deck at work. D'oh! That's the perfect game for a small group! Oh well. I'll remember it for next time. And a few people said they'd be interested in learning to play Bridge another time... but not today, which was when we had room for them at the table. Their loss, I suppose.

"Yeah, I suppose Trigun is kind of like Cowboy Bebop. They just forgot to include episodes that suck."

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