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Trying to make things happen... really

Happy birthday, singersdd. Mine was the last full day of the old administration, and yours is the first full day of the new one. Lucky.

Today's Bridge: If I add up all of my hands, I have about enough to open.

Today's Work: I had a lot of actual work responsibilities as well as the ones I needed to handle during work hours that weren't directly related. I submitted my travel voucher, got Curt's mail posted (after the cutoff, so it'll go out in tomorrow's mail), wrote up the solution alternatives for a problem that the SSA wanted done today (or at least, said would be sent to the group early tomorrow morning), copied my change from the trip to my computer, and didn't rise to an argument about what the hardware people think the software is doing despite not having touched it in months. I called the jury coordinator and the carpenter and got answering machines at both... I'll leave a message with the carpenter tomorrow, but I want to talk to the jury coordinator directly. I want no uncertainty.

Today's Gaming: I played The Darkness a bit... I went from being shot at by mobsters to shoulder-snakes eating hearts to calling random phone numbers I found in the subway to shaking down punks so the street musicians can play their harmonicas.

Obviously, the big news today was the inauguration of Barack Obama, probably the most anticipated President in history. Granted, the country is basically divided into people who hate his guts for no reason and those who already think he's the best President ever despite his having held the office for less than a day yet. But his fans are as devoted as ever, I haven't seen anyone say anything bad about his inauguration speech yet, and he's Barack Hussein Obama. In time, everyone will see that that's good enough. The Atheists of America already know they have a friend in the White House, and THAT DOESN'T MEAN HE'S NOT CHRISTIAN ENOUGH! I can't stress that enough. He's putting the burden of reviving this country in the hands of the people, where it should be, and returning to sensible government policies, like THINKING ABOUT THINGS BEFORE MAKING LAWS. Why this seems like an amazing new phenomenon, I'll never understand. I hope he starts posting on the White House blog... yes, a White House blog. Told you he was going to be awesome.

Ebolaworld has posted the final episode of Dubya-Doo, and it's hilarious. I don't think Obama says "um" and "uh" that much, though. Does he? But they've always done a great Dubya:

TEACHER: A plane just hit the World Trade Center!
DUBYA: What, I missed it? I mean... WHAAAAAAAAAAT? Oh well. Better get to that photo op with the black kids before the second plane hits.

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