Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

One of those days where I almost wish I had to work


I had no choice but to do at least SOME cleaning... I took care of my laundry and moved the suitcase into the library for now, although there's still too much stuff on the floor to run the humidifier, and I didn't particularly want to start it late in the evening anyway. Maybe when I get home tomorrow. I also tossed some of Curt's clothes into the dryer and have left them there so far... they seem to be dry enough, but I don't know where to put them. I'll figure it out, likely before next laundry day.

But I had things to do among receiving phone calls for everything from birthday wishes to Ben Franklin plumbing having no clue (naturally) that I'd canceled my appointment... is anyone surprised? I only had to call them SIX TIMES to cancel it. I went to Target, looking for an envelope to forward Curt's mail, a dehumidifier, and probably something else that I can't remember. I found the envelope. I also stopped at Gamestop, despite knowing that they didn't have a copy of the Legend of Zelda disc, but they also couldn't sell me a protection plan for it after a week. However, they called the store in Bedford and asked them to hold their copy for me, so I didn't have much choice but to head down there, a bit farther down 37 than I've ever been, and make the swap, buying the plan this time around. They also told me that the freezes are basically part and parcel with the Gamecube port of Majora's Mask. It makes sense. The new disc is pretty scratched up too, but not nearly as badly as the old one. While I was there, I decided to buy The Darkness for the 360, because the weekly special had it at about half price, and I got Warriors Orochi as well... because I've been interested in it for a while. It's fun. I only played one level, and I didn't really figure out what I was doing until near the end, but I got to the escape point... which probably isn't even the advised way to win. I'd try The Darkness, but I really need to finish watching this Kamichu DVD so I can get to the latest Death Note.

Finally, because I delivered so little content last week, a rather interesting essay on why Harry Potter isn't a good series (from a guy who spends most of his entries making fun of atheists, but I can forgive as well as anyone) and my favorite in Goldentusk's series of movie theme lyrics - the Halloween theme, vocal version. He does lots of great movie themes, including Indiana Jones and Back to the Future, but I think this one's the best of the lot, largely due to the large number of lyrics compared to the fact that it's the same melody over and over and over for the entire length of the song - although the five-part harmony near the end is really, really good.

I should watch at least one Halloween movie sometime. Maybe after I get around to watching The Thing. Might have done that tonight, but... House.

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