Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Some things I don't want to forget

I was going to mention yesterday that I felt lucky, as I returned to, among billions of others, E-mails about the temperature problems in the building. Strangely, they seem to happen much more often while I'm away. But now, as I sit here with my shirt off waiting for it to cool down again (it seems to be getting there), I'm glad I didn't gloat.

I also decided to try out Assassin's Creed last night instead of God of War 2, because I wanted to see whether having reset the routers would eliminate the loss of connectivity problem. It didn't, but the game seems interesting so far. It looks like I'm going to be doing things that will lower my sync rate soon. But I like the way Damon can walk around the facility and the doctors just keep yelling at him to sit down on the Animus already. Shame he can't actually DO anything.

But I did get around to God of War 2, remembered that I was at the Steeds of Time, and decided to try the Challenge of the Titans again, just for old time's sake. After several tries, I finally managed to beat the second challenge, but with only a Spartan rating. I had some ideas for what I could do to improve my score after I'd thought about it, but I moved on to the third challenge, which was easy enough that I scored God ranking in one go, and could probably get Titan now that I'm used to it. Then came the fourth challenge. I HATE THE FOURTH CHALLENGE! It's the hardest part of the game all over again, but with bigger enemies and a Statue of the Fates as if it's supposed to make things any easier. I have ideas for that one too, but I don't think it's even timed, so I'll sit on it for a while. Still, progress. I'm about halfway through, and getting decent rankings overall.

I suppose I should mention that I played two Bridge hands today, both notrump, and had a pretty clever play on the second one that I need to remember for tonight's entry. Not that I'd have been likely to forget, but it's worth noting while I'm here.

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