Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Last day at home

Today's Bridge: Four people elected to play even though it was the holiday dinner. Ken and I teamed up against, surprisingly, Paul and Bruce. We were doing quite well for the first few hands, setting our opponents in contracts they had no business in (like a 3C response to Stayman), but it all fell apart in the last hand. I'm not sure we really did anything WRONG wrong, but we obviously had no business ending up where we did. Ken opened 1D, and I had S 9-x-x-x H A-x-x D x C 9-x-x-x-x. I really didn't want to leave him in diamonds, so I bid 1S despite my weakness. Bruce cut in with 2C, but Ken went back to 2D, and I probably should have left him there, but again, I tried to cut out early with 2NT. He raised to 3NT. His hand was admittedly very strong, S A-J-x H K-x D A-K-8-x-x-x C J-x, but we had no club stoppers at all, and when the diamonds failed to split, we were off four.

Today's Work: More E-mail traffic, more direction, and a bit of actual problem-solving... mainly just committing my changes and setting tags for engineering deliveries. It wasn't until the end of the day, as I made the arrangements to be out for up to two weeks, that it really hit me that I'm leaving tomorrow morning. The usual pre-trip not-nausea ensued. It looks like the weather will be bad further east tomorrow, so I'm anticipating staying at a hotel somewhere in Pennsylvania as usual, although I'm not as averse as usual to the idea of getting onto the Turnpike and stopping somewhere along the way. Usually, if we make it that far, we figure we can make the whole remainder of the trip, but I expect we'll need to add an hour and a half from the usual travel time at that point. Curt's entirely willing, bordering on insistent, to drive through the night, but if there's ice, I really don't like that idea.

Yesterday's Gaming: After posting last night's entry, I bit the bullet and looked at a FAQ to figure out how to beat the last boss in Shadow of the Colossus. It still wasn't easy. I'd like to play some more of that, but I've already packed it, and I'm considering packing the PS2 memory cards just to make sure I don't forget them. I've transferred my important PS3 game files to the hard drive, and I plan to bring my XBox 360 and Wii, minus the connector cables, because it'll be much easier to have the systems than to worry about trying to transfer settings and game saves to the ones that will be there. I should probably check the 360 games I'm bringing to make sure I don't have any downloaded content, because I won't have an Internet connection for it. Nothing like bringing a game that just takes up space because I can't play it, or if I do, I can't save my progress. But they're all okay, and even the ones with downloaded content seem to work properly, and just won't let me access the content. I only tried Blue Dragon, though, of games I'm not bringing. I'm mostly sticking with PS2 games, naturally, but I've got a decent mix of games for every system and the first discs of a few anime series I haven't had the chance to start yet. I figure that will increase the chances of someone else wanting to join me in watching them. I have a few spaces left, so I might bring some tried-and-true series for when nobody wants to watch any. I'll have my laptop to watch them on if I need to.

Today's Gaming: I'm watching the Colts game... rather typical poor performance in the first half, but they seem to like playing Maverick-style, losing in the first half to get a feel for their opponents, then suddenly coming back out of nowhere at the end to win. We'll see. Meanwhile, I've been thinking about going back and playing some Metroid Prime 2. There's also the computer and Left 4 Dead...

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