Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

At least the roads weren't as icy today.

Happy birthday to jenthehen. I think you've already gotten a better present than anything I could give you... halfway!

Today's Bridge: One game each, with little fanfare that I can remember, so it came down to the last hand. I think we were ahead by a little bit, but Keith opened 1H to my right, and with S Q-x-x H K-9 D A-J C 10-x-x-x-x-x and my partner a passed hand, I didn't want to make things easy for my opponents. I jumped to 3C, Paul bid 3S, Keith bid 4H, and Paul bid 4S. Dan doubled that just because it was for the rubber, and Keith left it alone. Dan led a club, as expected, and Keith laid down H J-10-x-x-x-x-x D K-x C A-K-Q-J. It seems rather amusing that I misled my partner into thinking that I had club honors, but as it turns out, him leading a club was the ONLY way to defeat the contract. Paul had to take it on the board, led the jack of hearts to my king and his own ace, then ran the A-K of spades and a third spade to my queen. I had no choice but to lead the heart (a diamond would give him the king, and a club would be his board entry), hoping that Dan had the queen, but Paul had it and covered with it. Then he was forced to lead a diamond to the king and my ace, and I led back the jack. Dan wisely covered that with the queen and ran his ten for the setting trick. Dan could have led a diamond to my ace and then I could lead a club, but we had to knock out Paul's club before he could pull the trump, or he'd have a board entry to sluff his diamonds. However, had Keith corrected to hearts, they make 6 easily, and 7 if I don't lead my ace of diamonds. That's what I'd do, of course, and he'd take the second diamond trick with the king, take the obvious heart finesse, pull hearts in two rounds, and freely throw away the spade winners under his hearts and four good clubs. If I lead any other card, he can still pull trump and throw losing diamonds under the two top spades as necessary.

Today's Work: Some interesting moments near the end of the day as I tried to install Firefox 3.0.5. It's a no-go, but the computer works again, and that's what's important. Meanwhile, if you're running Windows, make sure you've gotten the latest updates for that and Firefox. I hear the exploit for the bug they've patched is in some banner ads. As for the meetings, the morning one was postponed because the chair had car trouble and then forgot about the meeting until someone reminded him, and the afternoon one was canceled because the task lead called in sick. At least there were some E-mails to read.

Today's Gaming: So far, just some La Tale, including building up some of my armor, although it seems like that can only be done so many times per piece before the Durability gives out. Maybe not. I also sort of watched Meet the Spartans... ye gad, that was awful even by Movie Movie standards. I figure I'll probably play something else tonight (hence the early entry), since I'll have to spend tomorrow night packing my games rather than playing them. Of course, I can play any games for systems I don't pack up, but I should be figuring out how transferring files to and from the PS3 hard drive works so I can bring some save files with me.

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